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Technically, it is open, but if traffic is using the other end, then you shouldn’t be using that end of the runway. :) You won’t see this on expert, though, as ATC always opens runways according to wind direction.

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We have all paid for a game, not for unorganised chaos. I

I know, I am training for that too. It’s just horrible that pilots with lower grades are forced to fly on the training server. Some of them really try to be as realistic as possible, but if other pilots don’t care about that and just ignore atc instructions, the whole game experience becomes just, awful…

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The best thing for you to do is to stay away from EGLL or KLAX, maybe even KSFO, KJFK, RJTT, or OMDB, but usually the first two. The further away from those places you get, the better ATC service gets. I might even be the one controlling you sometimes!

I don’t want to wait 6 hours at EBBR for a plane to arrive


I get the same things I know we can’t have ghosting but we need something we can enforce so that people actually follow instructions because otherwise it’s pointless atc being active.
My opinion


Exactly! That’s what I’m trying to say. We paid a lot to be atc on training, I think you have to listen out of pure politeness and respect for the many Euros I’ve spent.

If infinite flight gives the ability to report someone on TS it should be only once per hour

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But then you’re only stopping one person from causing trouble, while countless others continue to cause chaos and there is no consequence for them.

Thats true

Honestly, getting the ability to enforce rules/common sense is what drove me to become a controller on expert, the tests are just there as a way to ensure basic competency in controlling, they’re not super complicated ( I did have to retake the written once, but I learned from my mistakes and got them the 2nd time around, and the practical test just involves controlling a few planes on ground and tower, you may train for approach after you’ve been ground and tower for a while on expert )

some pilots just don’t know how to taxi or fly the aircraft so if you give them a clearance for a runway or a heading that is not their desire they just get confused or can’t figure out how to change course, like during approach someone already is aimed for a specific runway on their flight plan and when you give them a clearance for another runway they just panic cause they don’t have a plan B or can’t fly the aircraft properly to make turns or change to a Different heading or when given a “360”

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Hello, Cedric! You know me from Instagram (you’re one of the admins from @proudlyallboeing
Anyway, back on topic.

There currently is no way that you can report people if you’re not part of the IFATC. As @Alexander_Nikitin said, you can go vote for the feature to be added here: Ability for ATC to report.

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Damn you guys are stalking me 😂. I am indeed the owner of proudly ;). I know my argument is a bit controversial, but I am just angry that I pay so much to play the game and that there are still people out there that don’t think about that… It fustrating to see, however, I enjoy the other features in the game :)

Don’t give up on controlling my man!

As mentioned above: no you can’t report, kick of hit any misbehaving pilots, but you can do a few other things:

  • first: educate yourself on Air Traffic Controlling; watch all the IFATC training videos a few times.
  • search for ‘golden rules’ on this forum and find the 10 golden rules for ATC
  • don’t open any of the obvious airports: KLAX, KSFO, EGLL, etc, because that’s where you find most of the trolls
  • instead open less obvious but great airports
  • only open airports with enough wind, to colour one end of the runway(s) red. This may ‘motivate’ pilots to use the runways you instruct them (the green ones)
  • get feedback on your controlling via an ATC tracking thread.
  • focus on Tower and Ground first. Leave Approach till later
  • learn to focus on the pilots who follow instructions, and work around, or ignore the ones who don’t. Most pilots are ok.
  • use ‘thank you’ abundantly, but don’t go overboard.
  • remember: they’re learning. It’s a Training Server. They may not mean bad, they just are…

Keep going! We need good controllers on TS!


You can’t expect people on TS to act professional. You just have to hope you get good pilots. Most people on TS just flock to anywhere there’s ATC.

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I already stopped, it doesn’t make a difference as nobody follows instructions…

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I only open KLAX or other busy airports. I don’t want to wait 30 minutes for a plane to contact me…

There will allways be those people just continue doing ATC and you will level up to Expert Sever. In Expert sever everyone will follow your instructions (hopefully)

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