Listening to ATC is painful sometimes

I was vectored by approach at KSAN, tried searching for him/her but couldn’t find on forum, and s/he handed me over to tower. The next thing you know, I was directed away. This happened on Advanced serveron Saturday

More painful was seeing other planes being allowed to land before me.

So, in as much as we want to co-operate with ATC, a little bit of consideration is welcomed.


What server ?

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Do you know the name of the person controlling ?

Kim Leptedder or something like that (if the surname is wrong, please forgive me, Kim)

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@Kim_Ledbetter … Please PM him and tell him what he has done wrong … Don’t start an argument with the old lad or else @Carson will have to be the judge

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Although he hasn’t been on for a while , he was seen on the community 4 days ago so try your luck

Please PM @Kim_Ledbetter I’m sure he’ll have an explanation :)