Listen to LiveATC!

Good Morning IFC, Turn Right contact ground on the taxiway.

Well, wouldn’t it be great to listen to LiveATC? You Can!
I was looking for a way and I found

This is a great way to listen to ATC anywhere!

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Melbourne does not work btw I tried

Tailwinds and Blue Skies



A lot of airports arent on there a d a lit of frequency are t on there, all you can use it for is tower, ground, approach, and departure, but it’s the best one out there to listen to ATC.


In a fair few countries (eg the UK) Listening to LiveATC or something like that is illegal - not sure why - I have tried it and it doesn’t work

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I have their app and it’s amazing, I put my favorite airport wait until I hear someone talking then exit the app and follow along with FlightRadar24!


I usually listen to YSSY approach and tower!

Yup. Absolutely love this website(I use the app). It’s really interesting to tune into and listen to all the different pilots wether they’re approaching or departing.

There’s a app for this called LiveATC

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When I am planespotting over my house or at LAX, then I listen to ATC a lot. LiveATC is helpful mostly combined with FR24.

Edit: I use an ipad so i can split screen both, but sometimes it might be hard to hear the pilots and tower speaking which is normal

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Thanks for the post!
I’ve used this website in the past and from my experience this hasn’t worked the best. I know of an app called LiveATC, it only costs about $2, but It works incredibly well!

Luke ;)

If you are on android, there is a free app. It only covers a few countries.

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A great spotter tool to spot incoming presidential or gouvernement flights coming at Geneva.

Just annoying when it gets shut down when US army is coming in with their birds…

Doesn’t have all airports and frequencies, but it’s still decent.

I’m just sad that listening to ATC in the UK is illegal.

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My favourite frequencies are EIDW (all) and LKPR Radar.

Sadly, it doesn’t work in YPPH

I would use it a lot more if it had KPIT, feels like a big airport to be excluded, but I guess the airport selection isn’t exactly up to the developers…

I used this when Air Force One and Air Force Two came to town. It’s fascinating to hear the communication and coordination that goes on between pilots, ground crew, and atc.

I was listening to SIA come in for landing at YSSY This morning!

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