Listen to ATC, EIDW. Training server

I was doing approach in Dublin when this shamrock A330 was not listening to me, when a ATC says something to you listen please.

Unfortunately, not all pilots will listen to you on the training server as many of them are learning to communicate with ATC.

If you want to experience much better pilots in a more professional environment, you can apply for IFATC! (But also, why were you denying traffic? It doesn’t look like Dublin was all that busy).

You can try to contact the user via the forum directly. Other than that there is not much you can do. This is the training server and its main purpose is: training purposes. Pilots have to learn for expert server.

No we were busy, we had just had 2 aircraft on approach before.

I about to apply for IFATC.

Two aircraft is not and should not be a reason for denying inbound traffic. In my opinion, what the pilot did in this scenario was absolutely the right thing to do.

But all departing and arriving aircraft were not using that runway.

Great to hear! But just so you know, having 2 aircraft on the frequency is not grounds for denying further aircraft. You’d normally only do that if they’re a local flight or if you’re completely overloaded with traffic :). Hopefully we’ll see you soon in IFATC!

Edit: if they were going to an incorrect runway, the do not follow flight plan instruction was correct. At the end of the day though you can’t really do anything to force them to change runway on the training server. Even more reason to go for IFATC!

Yes to all of you, but you have to realize, that runway was not being used which means that it would of disrupted traffic.

There was tons of departures.

I’m afraid that’s par for the course.

Mostly it’s people not knowing or lacking confidence in what they’re doing. I’ve seen some novelty definitions of “Left Downwind”. I’m sure I’ve made plenty of mistakes too, it’s what Training Server is for.

Occasionally there’s an idiot who will do things like park on the runway and block people from taking off. These are usually very obvious.

(My view is there could be a audiovisual mute on IF for pilots if not ATC. So you basically mark the aircraft as “do not display, do not generate sound for this”. It’s still there on the server, everyone else can see it, but if you can’t see it, it’s like mute on twitter.)

Well worth it if you like ATC.

Okay, but that’s no reason to be denying the aircraft altogether. I’d take them off their flight plan and give them vectors to the correct runway :)

Yes I tried thats the point, he would not listen.

I had told him that not to use his flight plan, and listen to ATC, but he continued to that runway.

Then I’d PM @InfiniteAviationYT.

I’m a bit confused. Why did you refuse traffic ?

Compared to EGLL and KLAX that radar is empty … EIDW is Dublin, I think, that takes big jets doesn’t it ?

Yes, i told him to divert because he was not listening.

If he/she was the only inbound, then interrupt them briefly ?

Give them 3 or 4 nm gap to land in, if you have a departing aircraft who takes all day so they can’t land, you could send the Shamrock on go around, which would be better than sending them to the nearest large airport.

Still he would not listen, so i was basically not able to control him/she.