List Rules in Server Description

For people who arent on the forum, it would be helpful to have the rules listed in the advanced servers description. There seems to be enough room to list most of the basic rules.


This could possibly be used, but most people wouldn’t bother reading them anyway.


I agree with this. Although I use the forums and overspending annoys me I think it’s unfair to ghost pilots for exceeding 550kts if they have no idea about the rule. Many pilots just use the IF app alone and don’t get involved with the community side of things.

Maybe a list of up-to-date NOTAM’s could be posted on this list under server requirements.


What’s the ATC training server?

It’s a private server used by IFATCs to practice and it’s the server where approach tests are taken and where tutorials are recorded.


Didn’t know that! Does it only show up for certain people?

Only if you’re a member of IFATC.

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How to apply for IFATC

One of our recruiters can get you started on the process. Send a pm to @anon66442947 @Tyler_Shelton or @Brandon_Sandstrom and they can help you out.

Thanks alot :)

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No, but it’s already been stated that this is temporary. It is ridiculous to fly at extraordinary speeds and expect services from IFATC. Also, Advanced is about realism and common sense would dictate that you shouldn’t fly that fast.

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If you are going to fly on advanced, you are expected to be held to a certain standard. The description says reserved for serious pilots only. Serious pilots don’t fly at Mach 1.5.

This has been beaten to death. We’ve said there is a permanent solution coming.

By the way, I find a little bit or irony with a people coming to the forum, where the speed restrictions are plastered everywhere, to complain about a speed restriction they didn’t know existed.


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@zbelle You have been going on about this nonstop and a permanent solution is coming, why don’t you worry about something else for a bit until it comes:)


Please and thanks.