List of Viable Liveries for Future A330 Developements

NOT A REQUEST!! Livery Suggestion only, please vote if you agree that we need livery renovation and addition of other A330 variants.

Freighter A330-200F
A330-22xF (PW4170 freighter):

  1. MASkargo (9M-MUB)
  2. Royal Jordanian Cargo (OE-IFJ)
  3. Turkish Cargo (keep the same one)
  4. Generic

A330-24xF (RR Trent 772B-60 freighter):

  1. Eithad Cargo (A6-DCE new livery)
  2. DHL (D-ALMA)
  3. Qatar Cargo (A7-AFH)
  4. Turkish Cargo (TC-JDS)
  5. Avianca Cargo (N332QT)
  6. Generic

Passenger A330-300

A330-30x (GE CF6-80E1A2/3/4):

  1. Qantas Airways (VH-QPH “new roo”)
  2. China Airlines (B-18352)
  3. TAP Portugal (CS-TOG)
  4. Delta Air Lines (N882NW)
  5. Turkish Airlines (TC-JNT)
  6. Qatar Airways (A7-AEB)
  7. KLM (PH-AKB new livery)
  8. Generic
  9. Iberia (EC-LZJ)
  10. XL (F-HXLF)

A330-32x (PW4168A/B/4170):

  1. China Southern Airlines (B-5928 SkyTeam)
  2. Korean Air Lines (HL8227)
  3. Delta Air Lines (N808NW)
  4. Asiana Airlines (HL7754)
  5. American Airlines (N278AY)
  6. Malaysia Airlines (9M-MTF)
  7. Air Caraibes (F-GOTO)
  8. French Blue (F-HPUJ)

A330-34x (RR Trent 772B/C-60)
Keep all current liveries and insert registrations to aircraft without them, and
Add liveries:

  1. Sichuan Airlines (B-308F)
  2. Air China (B-5913)
  3. Etihad Airways (A6-AFA “Visit Abu Dhabi 2019”)
  4. Air Canada (C-GFAF new livery)
  5. China Airlines (currently operating an all -30x CF6 powered fleet)
  6. WOW Air (Defunct)

A330neo Development Suggestions
A330-941N (RR Trent 7000-72):

  1. TAP Portugal (CS-TUB)
  2. Air Mauritius (3B-NBU)
  3. Air Senegal (9H-SZN)
  4. Delta Air Lines (N401DZ)
  5. Lion Air (PK-LEI)
  6. Azul (PR-ANZ)
  7. Thai AirAsia X (HS-XJA)
  8. Generic
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Rule is:

one livery per feature topic. And I don’t think you can loophole it with a list.


You can vote for many of those liveries in individual requests. Also, if we do have different engine variants, only one livery will probably be added for one variant . A330neo is not affiliated with the A330 rework at all.

It’s a suggestions list for the developers to keep on file not a request.

Well why was it in features??? Totally thought it was a request for multiple liveries and I unfortunately flagged it for closure…

Please do not comment if you consider this a feature request, I spent some time on it and want it to stay there. Let the staff member decide what to do.

We don’t need a livery list of the A330.