List of Resources for Infinite Flight

From flight simulation tools to real-world approach charts, there are tons of useful sources on the web for Infinite Flight pilots and controllers. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep track of these and many people are unaware of them. This is a community built list of free and reliable resources for the sim, including flight plan creators, route finders, airport information databases, and much more! Each source is categorized first by primary use (for IF) and then by alphabetical order with a short description, other uses, and additional links listed for each. To use, simply click on a category below, find the source, and click on the link embedded in its header. If you would like to add something, be sure to post below so that a regular can add it. Enjoy!

Editing Instructions for Regulars

This post is a wiki, so it can be edited by anyone who is TL3 and up. If you see the need to edit, please follow these instructions:

  • Follow the given format and do not edit parts of this post that are not part of the wiki. If you would like to make a change to the format, please propose it to me first via PM.

  • Keep the entries arranged by primary use and then alphabetically, listing additional uses in the description.

  • Include a short description for each source that describes what it does, as well as any additional links for helpful or important pages.

  • Make sure that all sources are available through websites (no apps), have reliable information, and are free to use.

  • Try not to include websites that have identical uses to ones that are already listed

  • Feel free to correct any spelling, punctuation, or information errors that other editors made.

Flight Planning

Flight plan makers, Information for real-world flights, and more

Flight Aware

Description: A popular flight tracker that can be used to quickly find information and data for real-world flights around the planet and help you replicate them in Infinite Flight.

Other Uses: Airport information, Weather, Flight Plans, Charts

Additional Links: Mobile Flight Tracker Apps - FlightAware


Description: FlightsFrom lets you quickly find and view route maps from airports and airlines around the world and gives you information on each flight. Great for when you want to find a flight of a specific length out of an airport.

Other Uses: N/A

Additional Links:

Flight Plan Database

Description: A super fast flight sim plan creator with direct compatibility with Infinite Flight.

Other Uses: Airport Information, Weather, Taxiway maps, Approach Navaids

Additional Links: Tools - Flight Plan Database


Description: An easy to use flight tracking service where you check the altitude, speed, aircraft type, age and route of an aircraft & playback flights to view their previous flown routes. It’s an amazingly useful tool for those who want to replicate real-world flights.

Other Uses: Airport Information, Weather, Aircraft Registration, Departure & Arrival Time, Navaids

Additional Links: The World’s best flight tracker app - iOS & Android plane tracker app from Flightradar24


Description: Flight plan creator and converter tool for Flight Aware and SimBrief flight plans.

Other Uses: Simulator Information and Data

Additional Links: Infinite Flight FPL Converter


Description: Advanced flight plan creator with more options than through FPL to IF. Converter needed for Infinite Flight.

Other Uses: N/A

Additional Links:, Infinite Flight FPL Converter

Top Of Descent

Description: Top of descent calculator that calculates descent rate above and below 10000ft, which takes into account for speeds above and below 10000ft

Other Uses: N/A

Additional Links: None, as they’re all not suitable for IF


Description: An easy to use website that shows wind currents, thunder storms, temperatures, and other weather across the world. Great for making sure the wind is in your favor when flying or planning flights!

Other Uses: N/A

Additional Links: ‎ - Weather & Radar on the App Store,

Airports and Charts

Airport stats, weather, approach and ground charts, etc.


Description: A pilot resource website that provides extremely detailed information on all airports in the USA and a few other countries.

Other Uses: Navaid Information

Additional Links: N/A

FAA Airport Diagrams

Description: A section of the FAA website that provides ground charts and airport diagrams for most airports in the USA.

Other Uses: N/A

Instructions: N/A

Open Nav

Description: An excellent source of real approach, departure, and ground procedure charts for all major airports in the world.

Other Uses: Navid and waypoint information, airport information.

Additional Links: N/A

Sky Vector

Description: A massive variety of charts for most of the world including VFR, Hi, Lo, and Enroute (USA only), as well as extremely detailed information for almost every airport in most countries.

Other Uses: N/A

Additional Links: Lookup Airport | SkyVector


Other Information, tools, and data specifically for Infinite Flight

Aircraft Database

Description: A database provided by @Jan including all aircraft and liveries in IF as well as flap speeds, cruising speed, and service ceiling.

Other Uses: N/A

Additional Links N/A

Description: Provides detailed information for ATC status and schedules on the expert server.

Other Uses: Airport Info, SID/STAR Chats, Server Status

Additional Links: N/A

IF Library

Description: Source of detailed information for airports and aircraft in Infinite Flight. Note that this website is no longer being updated.

Other Uses: Infinite Flight Airport Ground Charts

Additional Links:,

Live Flight

Description: Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight Live

Other Uses: N/A

Additional Links: N/A

Share My Infinite Flight

Description: Tool that allows you to upload exported Infinite Flight replays to the internet for easy sharing.

Other Uses: N/A

Additional Links: Share My Infinite Flight


This version is a repost from one I made early last year. People seemed to have forgotten about it which lead to it eventually being closed. I’ve remade it because I’ve seen an increasing number of cases lately where tools like these, which many are unaware of, could come in handy.

As stated above, feel free to add things that follow the guidelines. If you are below TL3, post it below and I will add it for you. Also, when you see cases around the community where you think it might be useful, please consider sharing this topic. That way we can build a more knowledgeable and realistic pilot base.

Thanks everyone!


I think we should have this globally pinned to #thirdparty if possible. It would be great to have easy access to this.


Don’t forget VirtualHub, it’s an app for IF. It fits under Flight Planning and Charts


This list is only consists of free to use websites. That way everything is easy to access.


This is a really well made post! Bookmarked for reference.

Thank you!

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Very useful, especially for the newer players: but also for some “older” ones!

Brilliant post, man. I congratulate you.


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Would you find it appropriate to make a list of useful apps for IF, then?
The thread could be divided into two big categories, and then 2 smaller categories inside of them: the big ones would be iOS and Android, and the small ones free and paid.

A possible project we could embark on, my friend…

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I will work on including free apps in the current list. I’m probably not going to include paid stuff though, as I want everything listed to be super easy to access and convenient to use.

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Hey everyone! Me and @PlaneCrazy put this together and would hate for it to go to waste, I’m just gonna remind people of how useful this can be for flight planning and other things!


It has really some very good resources listed. Well designed topic too!


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