List of landing speeds for airbus and boeings

@gshazzaam… Fine work… Saves a lot of research time. Where were you 3 years ago LOL…Max Sends

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The E170-190 is a category C airplane for approach, this means the landing speed below Max Landing Weight is between 121-140 knots.

Do you guys use trim when landing ?

On the E190 no, its my favorite airplane to fly its super stable :)

Because of the sim physics theyre not acurate with real life

Unless if your flying the md-11 which the fastest landing jet due to the shortest if it tail. Which lands at 175 mph

The Md-11 is a cat D airplane so landing speed between 141-165 knots at or below maximum landing weight, only the amazing Concorde is a cat E airplane, :)

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I have compiled this data here:


Thank you for the work 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Go check out my updated version. And try to make a new list

Where is the link?

I always thought it was 150kts for a330!