List of landing speeds for airbus and boeings

NOTE** all landing speeds are for weights under the maximum landing weight*** So it maybe tricky for some people to know what speed they should be landing or approaching an airport at, so im here to clarify.
When landing your weight should be under the mlw, makes things more realistic and it gives enough spacing for aircrafts that are landing due to the slow speeds you’ll be going
Full flaps all planes except the 767*
A330-300 load 51% speed 115-125kts put the trim to -40*
A340-600 load 51% speed 125-135 trim -40-60
For those two planes the reason why i said to put the trip down is because they have a tendency to pitch downwards when landing. So put the trim to -40,-50 and pitch the nose upwards slighty to get a realistic look and landing

A380 load 32-41% speed 135-145
747-400 load 35-40% speed around 140-155
757 load 30-40% speed 120-130
767 load 35-45 speed 140-155
777-200 load 30-40% speed 135-145
777-300 25-35% speed 145-155
I’d recommend putting the trim at 10+% for the planes listed above.

And to get a smoother landing or control with 747,757, and 767 put the motion sensitivity to normal. Because those three planes seem to be very sensitive and jolty. I have a lot of experience with this sim so i know what im talking about. And theses speeds arent based on real life its based on the physics of the game.


Trim is almost useless.
In real world cloches and sidesticks are fixed, but in IF you can Calibrate your device from any position.
I personally trim +100% during landings on the heavy Boeings and the A380, all other +50%.


Planes such as the A330-340 in real life have high nosed pitch approaches and landings, im not sure why it isnt like that in the game

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Thanks fot the infor

Airbuses don’t have the most realistic flight experience in IF. They’re old models that need updating like the A321 😀.

I personally think this belongs in tutorials. If you’d prefer it under general, you can switch it back (Apologies)


Is this final approach speed or landing speed?

IF does not have trim tabs, all your are doing is moving and setting your flaps to a selected position.

For the reason Laurens touched on, the Auto VS and your device will override any trim (flap) selection you made.

If you lay your device flat on a table you can use trim much like you would if you had a yoke or joystick. But most if us don’t use our devices to fly like that.

The most common and practical use for trim in IF is for take-offs during your acceleration climb to avoid the nose bounce when enabling the auto VS.


Because planes, weights, flaps and winds vary, I use the horizon to determine my approach speeds.

You really can’t go wrong using the horizon, whether your weight is at 68%, flaps 1 at 6,000 feet, or 40%, flaps 30 at 1,000 feet, the horizon is your constant.


Exactly what I do with the aircrafts of which I haven’t found any data in the web.
+1° pitch, the FPV at -3° and you cannot go wrong.

I saw in your latest YouTube videos that you do it pretty well, if only the landings would be a little smoother :D

737s like to land hard, they have firm suspensions and all business. I have never flown on one where you don’t feel it on landing.


The 737 dosent like to land hard ive been on three 737s and all landings were smooth. Unless your on ryanair thye will land hard

A330/340/380 are wrong sorry to say…

For some more detailed info check:

All my info is from the airplane manufacturer manuals so more accurate hope you don’t mind I am hijacking your thread.

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I hope you know im not talking about in real life

I’m having trouble with the Embraers. I can’t go below 155kts sometimes where as with an A330-200F I can almost land with 120kts lol.

Because the sim isnt all that realistic obviously

@LSZH34 that sounds about right considering that the ERJs have much smaller wings.

But why not use real life speeds anyway? Also for ATC this is much easier :)

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I agree, pretty much all my flying involves real world STAR approaches and departures, speeds, altitudes and headings. Looking at Flightradar24, all the ERJ approach at speeds greater than 150kts. Here is one example of a dozen I just watched.
Obviously, this is ground speed.

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Do you guys use trim when landing ? Me im not using trim. Its useless its nice to land without trim it gives you move realistic!!!