List of inaugural routes for 1st Quarter 2020 Jan-Apr

Hello community,
Almost a Continuation on from @Ishrion’s ‘List Of Inaugural Flights [December 2019]
I thought it would be cool to see how your or even another airport is growing. This time however instead of me finding many flights, I would like the community to share their knowledge.

For starters:
Operated by QantasLink (Dash 8)
Due To Start Around The 29th of March

Operated by Qantas (Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner)
Due to take off on… the 9th of February!!

Operated by Qantas (Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner)
Flights Will hopefully commence on the 5th of April

operated by Virgin Australia (Airbus A330-200)
scheduled for sometime in March

operated by Qantas (Airbus A330-200)
Let me know some more!


WADD-YMAV, operated by Citilink and their A320neo. Great for Avalon, another international carrier.


This would be helpful as a wiki, I can’t make it one though, you’d have to PM or get the attention of a moderator. I don’t know any routes myself though.

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Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW):

American Airlines/Eagle:

  • Tokyo Haneda (HND) - March 29 - 777-300ER
  • Hilton Head (HHH) - March 7 - E175

Japan Airlines:

  • Tokyo Haneda - March 29 - 787-9

Basically a bunch of Tokyo Narita to Tokyo Haneda shifts will take place at the end of March.


Mildura (my home airport) is welcoming back a previously axed Route, and I know a few more routes that Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia are launching in 2020.


  • Sydney - Mildura | Operated 4 times a week by a Q400 | Commences on March 29, 2020 | This Route was previously served by Rex, until they axed the Route because of high airport charges

  • Sydney - Ballina | Operated Daily by a Q300 | Commences on March 29, 2020


  • Melbourne - Busselton | Operated 3 times a week by an A320 | Commences on March 25, 2020

Virgin Australia

  • Melbourne - Denpasar | Operated by a 737-800 | Commences on March 29, 2020

Ooh interesting 🙂

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Apparently vietjet was supposed to start operating to bne last year. But I don’t know what happened

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EKCH-KORD Jan. 28th. First revenue flight for the new 350

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That’s cool!

VIE-BOS Austrian 767 (March 29)

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This was very exciting and surprising to hear. Busselton is a really cool town to visit.

I haven’t heard of this one, how cool. I could have flown them on my trip this week had QantasLink been operating this route already. It’s becoming so popular up in Byron and already has Virgin Aus and Jetstar flying there. They only have three jet-sized gates after all.


These are just some inaugural flights this year, even though I haven’t been to any of these cities before (:

KEWR-KONT - Frontier - Apr. 23, 2020
KEWR-MMUN - Frontier - Apr. 23, 2020
KEWR-KORD - Frontier - Apr. 23, 2020
KEWR-KDFW - Frontier - Apr. 23, 2020
KEWR-KDEN - Frontier - Apr. 23, 2020
KEWR-KRDU - Frontier - Apr. 23, 2020
KEWR-MDST - Frontier - May 28, 2020
KEWR-MDSD - Frontier - Mar. 10, 2020
KEWR-KTPA - Frontier - Mar.10, 2020

NZAA-KEWR - Air New Zealand - Oct. 29, 2020

KEWR-KAUS - Spirit - Mar. 26, 2020
KEWR-KBNA - Spirit - Mar. 12, 2020

KEWR-RJTT - United - Mar. 28, 2020
KEWR-LFMN - United - May 2, 2020
KEWR-LICJ - United - May 20, 2020

LOWW-KBOS - Austrian - Mar. 29, 2020

LFPG-KAUS - Norwegian - May 6, 2020

KORD-LKPR - American - May 9, 2020

LPPT-CYUL - TAP - May 23. 2020

EPWA-KSFO - LOT - Aug. 5, 2020

I believe Qantas already started their YSSY-RJCC flights last December. I think it is QF39 or something. Some are beyond the first quarter but just sharing some little information (:


There will also be a new A350 long haul by Philippine Airlines on May 3, 2020 to Seattle! I think it may be in the top 50s in the longest flights in the world (idk). Looking forward to that flight!

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Wow that is an awesome list!

I got a couple for DEN!


Denver to Rome-Fiumicino, (Seasonal) Starting on March 31st


Denver to Des Moines, Iowa, Starting on March 7th


Denver to Nassau, Bahamas, (Seasonal) Starting on March 7th

United Express:

Denver to Dodge City, Kansas, Starting on February 13th

Denver to Panama City, Florida, Starting on March 7th

Denver to Salina, Kansas, Starting on March 5th.
Note: Denver to Salina is already served, but this is a direct flight, the scheduled flight now makes a stop in Hays, Kansas.

San Francisco to Phoenix (Sky Harbor) on Alaska Airlines begins on February 13; San Francisco to Redmond/Bend begins on March 19; San Francisco to Tokyo—Narita on JAL begins on March 29, and Norwegian Air’s flights to Oslo and Rome from San Francisco begin on March 30 and April 1, respectively.

Austin (AUS/KAUS)

Boston (KBOS) 737-800 April 7
San Jose (KSJC) 737-800 April 7

Awesome list @Luke_Sta

Interesting idea @Brisbane_Aviator/@Ishrion, it’s cool to see the new routes that will open in 2020! I don’t know any though.

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Thank you!