List of Grade Requirements- How To Get To

Welcome, community. Today I have a post that some of you ( Definitely not everyone ) would like to find out about. For those of you unknowing how to improve your grade, or what the requirements are, here they are. I have a photo of what my grade is and what the requirements are: image
Sorry it is a little blurry, so for those of you who don’t know, I will direct you to this page.

First, go to the live page like this:image
…and click on your name

Second, your profile will come up like this:image

…click on the “I” for your grade information

Third, here is my grade:image

You will want to look at your stats on the far right ( I covered mine on purpose because of privacy reasons ) and compare them to grade requirements. You can find your grade by doing this. You can also use the orange colors to help you find your grade. If one of the numbers under a column is orange, that means you haven’t met that requirement. ( You aren’t in that grade yet ) Once you find the last column that is all white numbers, that is your grade. For example, under the column of " Grade 4, " all of those requirements are met. But, grade 5 isn’t all met. This means I am grade 4.

Thank you for reading, hope this helped a few of you.


I know some of you already know this, just throwing it out there for those who don’t :)


This will be great help for some of the newer Live members! Nice job👍👌


Thanks! I would’ve hoped so. Only purpose of the article.


Good idea. Lots if people don’t know how to do this. ;)


This is the best tutorial ever in my opinion /s


This is coming from Dush. I am amazed. Thank you for supporting this so much!


I just had this idea. Like, once a week, an awesome idea flows by me but nothing to do about it. Guess this one I put to use ;)

I think you’re missing a few pixels on your device… 😳


Lol Ik it didn’t load when I took the picture…that’s one of the reasons for the tutorial as well… because my screen won’t work and they can see their on grade CLEARER lol

This may have been reposted, though the topic is a bit old.


Ooh. I tried a search. Maybe because it was old?

It may not be considered a repeat because I only explained how to identify your grade. This person also used callsign and other stuff

( I covered mine on purpose because of privacy reasons )

For all intensive purposes there is no privacy in IF…since both the Live Flight web page and the Infinite Flight Tracker for Android will easily show you the equivalent pertinent personal flight info for any pilot !!!


/s innit @dush19

This would be neat if your pixels came back from Vanuatu.


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