List of Ghostings! and YOUR Ghosting Stories!

Erm…ok… 😂

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Sometimes TFRs round event airports state that IFATC will not give warnings. This is likely what happened.


What does “TFR” mean?

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No ghosts but lots of CHP on my initial flights in ES. Was so scared. Haven’t done any flights for couple of weeks.
One I very well remeber a ghosting PFI.
Tower cleared me for immediate takeoff and i started back taxing on runway. Got PFI. Was fortunate to realize immedietly. Turned around on runway and took off.

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Temporary Flight Restriction I believe…we often have them around FNF airports.

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Have a look at this topic by @ DeerCrusher about what TFR’s are :)

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It is temporary flight restrictions

I just remembered what they were, those rings around airspaces

I remember in the FNF

Yes, a temporary restriction to the airspace

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Feel free to remove my violations, Dear Marc <3

Same I got 6 reports in one year so I’m back in Expert but I’ll be in grade 5 for 20.1

Hmm it seems like way more people have been reported and Ghosted. I have never been Reported or ghosted and I’m grade 4

I have 000 reports and 01 violations, and I am a Grade 4.

Click here for my grade table.


No warning has to be given if you taxi without clearance

There wasn’t any TFR but it was indeed my fault so I won’t blame the controller

Usually, the controller gives you a warning before reporting you for “smaller” things like this, I haven’t taxied trough any aircraft and I haven’t entered the active runway

A great tip for you is to read over the ATC manual that can be found on ATC Training and read it over.

This will help you learn all of the commands so that you will have a less chance of being ghosted. If you know what to controller is asking then I’m sure you will do great.

Another tip is if you are unsure, try to request to exit the pattern by requesting departure from their airspace. Then, contact the controller via PM. Once you are sure, try again.

I hope these tips will help you and I can’t wait to see you back on the expert server!


That happened in the old times when I was super noob. I would never do that again haha. Thanks for the tip anyway

@anon28254084 You got me, first time somebody has got me with that in years😂. Thanks for the laugh bud

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