List of FedEx routes

Hey guys I hope everyone is doing well, I’m looking for a comprehensive and complete list of all FedEx routes internationally? Before I get a whole bunch of people on my case about how you guys aren’t Google, I have search the internet for a few hours now and have yet to find a comprehensive list. Obviously FlightAware it’s a great resource but it only shows current flights in the air and I don’t want to pay for a subscription to see records. It would be great just to see a full list of regular routes that they service. I also searched the Forum to find any hints of this topic and did not find anything in specific that I was looking for. That being said please do not comment below linking me to another thread or telling me that you guys aren’t Google. I did my research and now I’m coming to this community for help. Thank you.

Also I know that there’s a picture if you look up FedEx routes on Google but it’s such a low-quality image and so zoomed out that you can’t see the exact destination so please do not link that either.

Wikipedia has a mostly-accurate list on an airport’s wikipedia page. What airport are you looking to fly from?

I’m looking for a cargo airline, FedEx

Yes. And you want routes from any specific airport?

I guess Memphis because that is their hub better be great just to have every two because they have a lot of flights going out of Anchorage as well

You can use vaschedules, I know this isn’t for a va, but you can request a sample list of routes for FREE

You can use flight radar 24

You can use flight aware

You can use google

You can use Wikipedia

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Wikipedia should also have a routes and/or destinations page for the airlines.

Every one of those sources only list route that are currently in the air at that second.

Look at Memphis and Anchorage Airport’s Wikipedia pages. There will be a destinations list in there somewhere.

It’s still a route…isn’t it??

Va schedules do no show live flights

Google can show both same with Wikipedia

As I said Google did not provide me the answers I wanted. I will double-check on that Wikipedia idea but Google did not have anything useful


There’s a chance this isn’t up to date


Have you tried looking at where their aircraft are heading at this moment?

Okay Wikipedia did prove to be useful for Memphis. Thank you for all of your help, I apologize I just didn’t think Wikipedia would be that great of a source see that’s its widely credited as being not the greatest source. I should have looked there but I didn’t think Aviation details would be in such a broad website

Yes I have tried that, as I stated above I’m not looking for current flights in general I’m looking for an overall destination list.

Hey man! I know exactly what you are talking about, I’ve had the same issue. I’ve found a work around, if you go on the Wikipedia page of the airport and head down to one of the FedEx routes, you can see them. After which you can put them into flight aware and it should show flights in the last few days. For example:


Yes, it’ll still provide you destinations.

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Okay thank you guys I appreciate it. That Wikipedia link gave me lots and lots of destinations to fly to from Memphis. Thank you for all your guy’s help. I admit I should have looked at Wikipedia but as I said I’ve never thought of it to be much of a good source for information like this. I was proven wrong and thank you once again

One of my two home airports getting mildly appreciated? What alternate reality is this?

Haha, you talking about Memphis. I feel like not too many people focus on that airport while flying in Infinite Flight

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