List of every airport in infinite flight?

Hey guys I was wondering if there was somewhere where I could find a list of every airport in IF

Not that I’m aware of. There are over 37,000 airports so…

Damn I really wish I could find one

While I’m not aware of a list that contains every airport, the former GitHub repository for the AET includes every airport in Infinite Flight.

If you’d like to check it out, you can find it using the link below.


Ok thank you

To give a small bit of guidace on the Github code:

  • Anything labelled “Renamed … to --”, is an automatically generated airport - It has not been manually edited

  • Anything titled ‘ICAO [-]’ means the airport is not in game.

As probably easy to tell, the airports are alphabetically sorted, and if a country has a ton of airports, they are filtered further into the country file. The Github archive is relatively clean for data on airports.

In the ‘Issues’ section it basically just contains the tracking of all airports being edited by members. This has since closed meaning the site is view-only. The rest of the site has nothing particularly interesting for your request.


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