List of Community YouTube Accounts


This is my channel where I do daily IF love streams if not more


@schyllberg can you please ask a regular or someone to update the list please? Thank you!!


I make films for IFAE. I’m relatively new on the scene, but I am not allowed not to impress my audience. Check me out ;)


My YouTube channel, aussie.spotter

I do GeminiJets and Phoenix Model unboxing and reviews. Oh and the occasional 1:400 airport update too!


Wow! Those are some of the highest quality IF videos I’ve seen in a while.

A question though, what did you use to edit?


iMovie Mac. It’ll get better once I get the money for FCPX. I can’t wait to experiment with that.


Ok, I believe there’s a Final Cut Pro trial available, if you want to download it I’ll try and find a link haha


Here’s my channel.


Apparently I’m having trouble updating to High Sierra. I have to be on that update to get it. It’s a disc issue.


Oh ok, hope you’re able to fix that soon


Hey I do not think mine was ever added:

Newest upload:

Go subscribe!

(credits to @Tecnam2TA on the recent upload.)


mine was not added either.


@Delta_Alpha_Lima @Delta350 added for you :)


Can you add my channel


Im IFST from YouTube !
here is my channel:

I have over 680+ subscribers ;)


@goran12 added both of yours too :)


Thanks mate…


You never added mine but I’m not trying to advertise it for now so it’s okay


Here is my channel, Cbro4 - YouTube



This is my channel you can find few IF videos