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What is the point of having a youtube channel about IF? You can talk about what your doing from the gate until taxi but then what do you do when you’re at cruising altitude for the next few hours? If anyone could explain to me what they do I would really appreciate that.
Thanks a lot, JamestheAviator.


Some people’s are not just IF. Mine is a flight channel so I post all things aviation. And yes, I’m aware it’s been just IF so far


Hey there,
I understand if you have an aviation channel since I also have one but I just don’t understand what you would put in an IF video.

Thanks, JamesQFA380.


Some people post full flights, while some people show off the app.


I think @Connor pretty much covered it


How does my name get added to the list, I shared my channel link?


New Video!


One Beautiful number in @Etrain’s eyes 700


Unfortunately I either got the glitch again or someone is trolling :(


Hi guys my YouTube channel is back up and running after a while didn’t realise it has 18k views since I’ve been gone lol check out my channel and subscribe for the latest videos from captain infinite


Captain Infinite


Didn’t know this existed 👀

DGGR YT (My Channel)


Infinite Flight Simulators


The mine is



VA Aviation

I just created it when Live Replay came out and plan to make some cool videos! Thanks.



My Latest YT video.


Search up Yuta Infinite Flight on YouTube. Mind if you add me