List of Community YouTube Accounts


I was who proposed one of your most popular videos ;) (Barcelona-Mexico)


Just started a new youtube channel, it show short timelapse just for fun.

Name: Gabe Z Infinite Flight

Gabe Z Infinite Flight


Thank you so much, that vid worked out much better than I had ever imagined!



Just added my new channel. Let’s see how long it will last 🙈. Uploaded one video so far, feedback well appreciated!

(Don’t know why it says NO, I’ll fix that in the morning)


Hey i just made this Youtube it will be like flying around New Zealand in IF


My channel, 93 total views so far 😭
By the way that weekly fortnite thing is not happening right now


Aviation Central: Mainly Geared Around IF, I Also Will Do Other Sim Games, Like X-Plane.



You can add my account where I mostly post videos about landings and approaches on different airports.


If you could add that would be great. Planespotting to come and more trip reports.


That’s my channel!!

Please do leave a sub, I’d really appreciate it!


Hello Infinite flight community! Hello friends and today I’m going to show you the perfect aviation hub on YouTube. The channel is called Kjax Tv. [ ]
It would really help if you could subscribe I would really like to grow a thriving YouTube channel with many members. So please help a small YouTuber out and please subscribe. If I get to enough subscribers (100) maybe by the Delta A220 inaugural flight I will show my face. Thank you in advance.

Best regards, Kjax Tv


I got one. The channel name:


The Link:

I plan to do southwest airlines livestream every monday/Thursday,FedEx streams tuesdays/fridays and general aviation streams wendsdays/Saturdays and sunday is my free day or my different game day.




Thanks. How to see you commenting on the streams


Maybe subscribe to me?


I will.(filler)


Here’s mine!


Here is my channel:


I might need start making helicopter videos