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Plane/Train TV is mine


My channel


My channel


Plane/Train TV is mine




And my youtube channel?


You didn’t add me to my channel


I’m not an admin but my channel is SPB2727 Aviation and SPB2727 Gaming



Can someone in under 35 words or less tell me how to make a YouTube channel or an account.

  1. You must have Google account (I won’t tell you how to make it )
  2. Login in YouTube using your Google account
  3. Press “add video” at the top
  4. After you added your first video you can set up your channel. Banners and logotype you can set in channel settings by pressing “my channel” button.
  5. Install thumbnail maker for IOS/Android to make good pictures for you videos. It will help you to get subscribers.
  6. Make a good description of your channel in “about channel” section
  7. After you’ve reached 100 or 300 subscribers you can create your own discord server. (Again, I won’t tell how to creat it. Google it.)
  8. Choose good name for your channel, because you will work with it for a really long time. And it’s better to not channge it.
  9. Be careful with your Google account. Don’t give it to anyone, event if they want to help you with your Youtube channel. Anyway it’s better to create “clear” google account just for your youtube channel
  10. You must decide what content you will record. Because if you tired of one game but already have over 500 subscribers, they will unsubscribe becuse you changed the object/game.
  11. That’s all. Good luck! If you have any questions please PM me.


Here is my Channel! Could someone please add it!


My channel is here, please add it


Infinite Flight Guy Official Youtube Channel


That was more than 35 words lol. Well said


Much appreciated if you could add me, thank you!


Wait are really the real pocket rishi? I like your Virgin Australia 777 one by the way ;)


SimpleWaffles Official YouTube Channel


That’s interesting why link to my channel doesn’t work 😞


Really Like your vedios… :)