List of Community YouTube Accounts


@ChefSkittlez or @B747fan please add me



although not all my videos are on IF, IF is still a part of my channel,

I would love it if you added me to the list thanks :)

EDIT: 4subs now yeyyeyee


An LGBT+ Youtuber with 103 Subscribers- NonBinarySkyYT frequent Infinite Flight Live Streams and videos. Now just might Start live streaming Clash Royale videos soon.


I would stick to Infinite Flight :)


My YouTube channel is no longer operational but it’s is still available in YouTube. The channel name is Avgeek Productions. I highly doubt that I will post in a long time but feel free to subscribe.


Here is my YouTube Channel link:


Just added it for you ;)


@Delta319 @SouthernDude done ;)


The link still works but i have since changed my IFC name from Justin_Polanco to Justin0623 would appreciate is someone changed that :)28%20AM


Thank you so much!!!


Hello. My channel is AndrewTheFlighter. You can find the link below:


Hey everyone!

I’ve been on Infinite Flight for a while and have always enjoyed watching IF content, so figured I’d give it a try myself! My channel: Click here to see my channel!

I made a spotting video yesterday at Incheon Intl. Airport, South Korea.

Have a look and tell me what you think:

I’m going to be uploading frequently, so drop a comment if there’s anything you’d like to see specifically!

See you in the skies!

– Quantum95



Hello guys.
Here’s my channel:


@Andrei_Lebit @Quantum95 @Sammy_Droubi @Mickell_Augustine Added all of your youtube channels ;)


@Marshall_J your welcome ;)


@QantasAviator you too ;)


Heres mine



I will add this one to the list, but here is the ATCEG’s new YouTube channel.

For our channel will be posting IFATC sessions only. The controllers you see will be kept anonymous because one of the major reasons why you don’t see many IFATC sessions when you search on YouTube is because it leaves them up to major criticism.

We wanted to offer an outlet to said IFATC members where they can post their sessions for educational purposes, to help other ATC controllers see what it’s like to controll a certain frequency on the expert server first hand from the controllers’ point of view. I myself am a very visual person so seeing someone “live” can be very beneficial.

Only ATCEG members are be able to post on their sessions, go to to learn how to join the team.