List of all A220-300 livery requests

With the chance of the A220-300 coming to Infinite Flight, I decided to make a list of all livery requests, so the community can see the variety of liveries that are on the A220-300.

Each drop down includes a link to the feature request (if such a topic exists for that livery). If you have created a topic for a livery that I have listed or not listed, please let me know.

Based off of this article.

Please note this includes only airline orders, not leasing corporation orders (which would likely mean even more liveries)

Although I know this will get removed by the mods within 5 minutes, there’s no harm in trying.


Air Austral

Air Austral A220-300

Air Senegal

Currently no feature request exists for this livery.

Air Tanzania

Air Tanzania A220-300


EgyptAir CS300

Asia / Pacific

Air Vanuatu

Air Vanuatu A220-300

Iraqi Airways

Currently no feature request exists for this livery.

Korean Air

Korean Air A220


airBaltic (Normal livery + 3 special liveries)

AirBaltic Airbus A220 (Normal livery)

airBaltic “Estonian Flag” - A220-300 (Air Baltic)

airBaltic “Lithuanian Flag”- A220-300 (Air Baltic)

airBaltic Latvia 100 livery - A220-300

Airbus house livery

Currently no feature request exists for this livery.

Air France

Air France A220-300

Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines A220-300

Swiss Air (Normal livery + 1 special livery)

Swiss A220-300 (Normal livery)

Swiss “Fête des Vignerons” - A220-300

North America

Air Canada

Air Canada A220-300

Bombardier house livery

Airbus A220/ Bombardier C-Series 300 | Bombardier House Livery

Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways Airbus A220-300

Delta Airlines

Delta A220


JetBlue A220-300 Livery

If I missed any, please let me know. Now, let’s see how quickly the mods will remove this


Thanks for making this awesome database, looks really useful. 😊


Why is this in meta? Who dunnit

Your list survived 1.78 minutes already. Have some faith.


The L.A NOIRE !! You the best

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@Alexander_Nikitin I don’t think this fits well in Meta ;)

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Seems more fit for #general, moved there.


I feel like it’s meta, but OP can change it any time he wants. Because of how little liveries it has per addition request voter, almost all of the positions are already occupied. Won’t argue with a past mod though

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This made my day

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Agreed Alec, Meta is for IFC in itself not really about in-app things.


@Alexander_Nikitin #meta is for the workings of the forum itself

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Alright, this topic has survived for almost 10 minutes, I’m convinced the mods won’t remove it

This is a list of feature requests, as said by OP, feature requests seem pretty forum related to me, but again, won’t argue with a past mod. If you’d like to add something my PMs are always open to not further clog the thread

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MODS, Don’t close this topic, very importat hub for A220 ! I like the idea, thank you so much @SimpleWaffles and thank you for share my 3 liveries.

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He’s already included them in the list for you.😁

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I would put in a good word for you but I have no way of contacting the Mods and Staff anymore. That’s the cost I’m paying for falling off the Earth for a few months. 😂

@Marc @MishaCamp I have popcorn ready


I’m going to throw this here. While in the image it is for all requests, the search function still serves its purpose here.


I plan to do this livery.

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