List of Aircraft with Wheel Movement in Replay?

I was curious which aircraft have wheel movement during replay.

On my replays I noticed movement on the 777 family and A359. However, there was none on the A333 considering it went through a light rework recently.

I understand wheel movement became a feature with the 20.1 update, but is there a definitive list of aircraft with wheel movement during replay?

Thanks in advance and happy flying!


Older aircraft don’t have some animations. A330 was indeed lightly-reworked back in 2018, but in terms of the model it was only the wings that got reworked a bit to have wing flex. It’s wheels will stay like that until the rework is finished later this year, for now the whole gear will be one model without support for wheel movement. As for a list of aircraft that has it, I believe they started adding it with the CRJ, so anything released from 2018 and beyond will probably have it.


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