List of Aircraft Runway Requirements

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I’ve noticed a lot of posts requesting a simple to read page outlining which aircraft can fly into what class airport (Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc) without receiving a violation. By following the guide below, I can all but guarantee that you won’t receive the “aircraft to large for airport” message from controllers or a violation for flying an A380 into an airport too small. This guide was built utilizing the manufacturer’s ACAP (Aircraft Characteristics for Airport Planning) data in hopes that it will help pilots and controllers keep things more uniform and realistic on the expert server. The runway info below assumes optimal landing conditions: dry, concrete, no wind, no runway grade, airfield elevation is sea level. You will see “xxxxft - zzzzft (MLW)” where “x” represents the amount of runway you need if your weight is set to low, and “z” represents Max Landing Weight (MLW).

Its pretty simple, identify your aircraft and the runway length needed, then choose an airport with a runway long enough to accommodate your aircraft of choice. Keep in mind, Delta Class airports rarely see any commercial jets, Charlie airports rarely see “heavies” or anything bigger than a B737/A321, and not all Bravo’s can handle all heavies. Also, I personally would like to see commercial jets stop flying into and out of military bases as that would never happen in real life.

Below is the runway length requirements for almost all the aircraft featured in Infinite Flight, categorized by manufacturer, and airport class that aircraft can generally fly into. It is the pilot’s responsibility to know the runway lengths required for your specific aircraft as you are the one hit with a violation for flying too large of an aircraft into certain airports. Help your controller help you, and learn your required runway length for the aircraft you’re flying. You can verify the runway lengths of your destination airport while filing your flight plan simply by tapping on the airport, then select the tab at the bottom titled, “runways”. Keep in mind, not all Charlie airports have runways long enough to accommodate some medium-range jets that fly into other Charlie airports.

This information is not meant for real life and is probably not 100% accurate and should be used as a reference or a guide only. Thank you to @the-op for providing the link (of over 100 airplanes) for me to sift through in order to create this list. Hope you all find value in this post! Happy Flying!

_Please note: Airport classification in real life have nothing to do with runway lengths and more to do with the amount of traffic and type of traffic (commercial with more than 100 passages vs GA) an airport receives. This info might not be used by every IFATC all the time. This is meant more as a general guide._👊🏾

Aircraft / Runway Length Requirement / Suggested Airport Class

A318 / 3,400ft - 4,300ft (MLW) / B, C, D
A319 / 3,000ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B, C, D
A320 / 3,500ft - 6,500ft (MLW) / B, some C
A321 / 3,600ft - 6,300ft (MLW) / B, some C
A330-200F / 3,000ft - 7,000ft (MLW) / B, some C
A330-300 / 3,000ft - 7,000ft (MLW) / B, some C
A340-600 / 5,800ft - 8,700ft (MLW) / B
A380-800 / 5,300ft - 7,000ft (MLW) / B

BC-17 Globemaster III / 3,500ft (1,064m) / B, C, D (non-verified)
B717-200 / 3,600ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B, some C
B737-700 / 3,500ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B, C
B737-800 / 3,800ft - 5,800ft (MLW) / B, some C
B737-900 / 4,100ft - 5,900ft (MLW) / B, some C
B757-200 / 3,900ft - 5,100ft (MLW) / B, C
B767-300 / 3,700ft - 5,300ft (MLW) / B
B777-200 / 3,700ft - 5,300ft (MLW) / B
B777-200LR / 5,300ft - 5,300ft (MLW) / B
B777-300ER / 4,700ft - 6,200ft (MLW) / B
B787-8 / 4,400ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B
B787-9 / 4,400ft - 6,200ft (MLW) / B
B787-10 / 5,500ft - 7,000ft (MLW) / B (non-verified)
B747-SOFIA / 3,500ft - 5,400ft (MLW) / B
B747-VC-25 / 4,300ft - 7,300ft (MLW) / B
B747-200 / 4,500ft - 7,300ft (MLW) / B
B747-400 / 5,500ft - 7,300ft (MLW) / B
B747-800 / 5,000ft - 7,400ft (MLW) / B
B747-SCA / 6,000ft - 8,000ft (MLW) / B

Dash 8-Q400 / 4,230ft (MLW) / B, C, D
CRJ-200 / 4,850ft (MLW) / B, C, D

ERJ-170 / 3,300ft - 4,300ft (MLW) / B, C, D
ERJ-175 / 3,300ft - 4,300ft (MLW) / B, C, D
ERJ-190 / 3,300ft - 4,300ft (MLW) / B, C, D
ERJ-195 / 3,800ft - 5,000ft (MLW) / B, C, D

If you like this post, check out the more detailed version Aircraft / Airport Runway Requirements / Airport Restrictions

Reference: Google and Embraer ACAP, Boeing ACAP, Airbus ACAP


Very useful information! Thank you very much for making this!


It’s my pleasure to contribute to the community and the sim! Im glad you found it useful!

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Of course this works as a general guide, but each airport has it’s own special requirements. For example, TNCM is class Charlie but receives a 747 (I think it’s stopped now) and KASE is also Charlie but only receives small aircraft. I actually think that each airport should have individual requirements of what aircraft can use it.

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Good stuff. I just hope they understand this and take it seriously on the expert server.

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Bravo : All planes
charlie : All planes(limited capacity)
delta : Narrowbody(largest A321)
echo : Narrowbodies and light aircraft


No way a 738 needs more runway than a 75

Really? No way? Believe it lol


worthy of being bookmarked

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! It takes time making these docs and I’m glad you find it useful!

Fantastically job. This should be pinned for everyone.

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Great topic, the 747 lands at 8,000 feet at JFK…

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Yes and SOFIA can land with 6300ft as well according to some docs. But just to keep it simple, I’ve kinda kept it uniform with the 747s as an example of how this should be used more as a guide than a bible.

Nice to get some constructive feedback and information for a change!

Airspace class is not the only deciding factor.

Runway length, taxiway dimensions, ramp space, special circumstances. These also contribute to making a determination.

That needs to be borne in mind in addition to simply thinking Airspace Class.

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Actually KASE receives 757 aircraft from delta. I don’t know but imo that’s not small ;)

You are 100% correct! In fact, runway lengths and airport classifications have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Example: KVNY - Class Delta - Runway length 8000ft x 150ft could probably land a 737 or A321 (depending on the approach) but because KVNY doesn’t accept commercial airliners or many (if any) IFR approaches, it remains a Class Delta. But if you’re flying a private 737 like the BBJ, it could be accepted.

But for the mobile device pilots, I don’t expect anyone to figure all that out before beginning a flight. But what I DO expect is for pilots in an A380 to not ask controllers for inbound requests to a Charlie or Delta airport with a runway length of 6000ft.

Again you’re absolutely correct and what could be (and probably should be) done is what @Freddiefrogs suggested and that someone (not me lol) creates an easy to follow guide listing the Bravo/Charlie/Delta airports within the current IF regions detailing which aircrafts fly in and out of what airport.

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Are you sure about that? I’m pretty certain it doesn’t. I know KEGE gets American 752s but KASE does not. Trump’s 757 has visited KASE, however.


Nope I was wrong, you’re right. lol for so,e reason Aspen and Eagle meant the same thing in my mind. I also re,e,bear seeing a 757 into Aspen once but that was a rare occurrence it all just tied into the same thing in my mind.

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Again you’re absolutely correct and what could be (and probably should be) done is what @Freddiefrogs suggested and that someone (not me lol) creates an easy to follow guide listing the Bravo/Charlie/Delta airports within the current IF regions detailing which aircrafts fly in and out of what airport.

I went ahead and created the detailed list of airports lol

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