List of abbreviations and their meanings - brought back!

Following @Jan’s closed topic, I think this is something which is good for people to know.
Below is a list of common abbreviations you will see in forum discussions and elsewhere.
If you have anything to add, comment it and I will add it to the list. :)

[abbreviation] = [description]

A/C = Aircraft
A/P = Airplane or Autopilot
A/T = Autothrottle
ACAS = Airborne Collision Avoidance System
AGL = Above Ground Level
AIM = Aeronautical Information Manual
AIP = Aeronautical Information Publication
ALT = Altitude
AMSL = Above Mean Sea Level
AOA = Angle Of Attack
AOC = Air Operator’s Certificate
AP = Autopilot
APP = Approach
APPR = Approach
APU = Auxiliary Power Unit
ARR = Arrival
ARTCC = Air Route Traffic Control Centers
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
ASI = Air Speed Indicator
ASL = Above Sea Level
ATC = Air Traffic Control
ATCO = Air Traffic Control Officer
ATIS = Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATPL = Airline Transport Pilot License
BTW = By the way
CAA = Civil Aviation Authority
CDI = Course Deviation Indicator
CDU = Control / Display Unit
CLR = Clearance Delivery
CPL = Commercial Pilot License
CTAF = Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
CTR = Controlled Traffic Region Zone
D/H = Decision Height
DA = Density Altitude
DEL = Clearance Delivery
DEP = Departure
DEV = Developer
DME = Distance Measurement Equipment
EA(S)A = European Aviation (and Space) Administration
EFB = Electronic Flight Bag
EGPWS = Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
EGT = Exhaust Gas Temperature
EHAM = Europe Holland Amsterdam = Schiphol
ELT = Emergency Locator Transmitter
EOBT = Estimated Off-block Time
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD = Estimated Time of Departure
ETOPS = Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards
F/D = Flight Director
FAA = Federal Aviation Administration
FBW = Fly-By-Wire
FCOM = Flight Crew Operating Manual
FDS = Flying Development Studios
FL = Flight Level
FMC = Flight Management Computer
FMS = Flight Management System
FPL = Flight Plan
FPM = Feet Per Minute
FYI = For Your Information
FYG = For Your guidance
G = Gravitational (G-Force)
G/A = Go Around
G/S = Glide Slope
GA = General Aviation
GCAT = Ground Collision Avoidance Technology
GMT = Greenwich Mean Time = ZULU / UTC / UCT
GND = Ground
GPS = Global Positioning System
GPU = Ground Power Unit
GPWS = Ground Proximity Warning System
GS = Ground Speed
HDG = Heading
HLD = Hold(ing)
HSI = Horisontal Situation Indicator
HUD = Heads Up Display
IAS = Indicated Airspeed
IATA = International Air Transport Association
ICAO = The International Civil Aviation Organization
IF = Infinite Flight
IFFG = Infinite Flight Fan Group
IFPHG = Infinite Flight Philippine Group
IFR = Instrument Flight Rules
ILS = Instrument Landingn System
IMC = Instrumental Metrological Conditions
KIAS = Knots Indicated Air Speed
KTAS = Knots True Air Speed
KTS = Knots
LAPL = Light Aircraft Pilot License
LNAV = Lateral Navigation
LOC = Localizer
M = Mach Speed
METAR = Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report
MLW = Maximum Landing Weight
MOD = Moderator
MTOW = Maximum Takeoff Weight
NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration
ND = Navigation Display
NDB = Non-directional Beacon
NEOBIG = Not East of but including Greece
NM = Nautical Mile
NOTAM = Notice To Airmen
NTSB = National Transportation Safety Board
NTZ = Non Transgression Zone
OAT = Outside Air Temperature
OP = Original Poster
PAPI = Precision Approach Path Indicator
PAX = Passenger
PIC = Pilot In Command
PIREP = Pilot Report
PF = Pilot Flying
PFD = Primary Flight Display
PM = Pilot Monitoring / Managing
POH = Pilots Operating Handbook
PPL = Private Pilot’s Licence
PTT = Push To Talk
QFE = Field Elevation
QNH = Altimeter
QRH = Quick Reference Handbook
R/TO = Rejected Take Off
Rgr = Roger
RNAV = Area Navigation
RVR = Runway Visual Range
RVSM = Reduced Vertical Spacing Minima
RWY = Runway
SFC = Surface
SID = Standard Instrument Departure Route
SM = Statute Mile
SOP = Standard Operating Procedure
STAR = Standard Terminal Arrival Route
STOL = Short Takeoff And Landing
T&G = Touch and Go
TAF = Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
TAS = True Airspeed
TATL = Transatlantic
TCAS = Traffic Collision Avoidance System / Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
TFC = Traffic
TFR = Temporary Flight Restriction
TL1/2/3 = Trust Level 1/2/3
TMA = Terminal Maneuvering Area
TNG = Touch and Go
TOC = Top Of Climb
TO/GA = Take Off / Go Around
TOD = Top Of Descent
TOW = Take Off Weight
TS1/2 = Training Server 1/2
TWR = Tower
TWY = Taxiway
UCT = Universal Coordinated Time = GMT / UTC / ZULU
UTC = Universal Time Coordinated = GMT / UCT / ZULU
VA = Virtual Airline
VFR = Visual Flight Rules
VMC = Visual Metrological Conditions
VNAV = Vertical Navigation
VOR = VHF Omnidirectional Range
VS = Vertical Speed
VTOL = Vertical Take-Off and Landing
Wilco = Will Comply
WPT = Waypoint
WSNP = Weather and Safe Navigation Permitting (used in conjunction with ETA or ETD)
WTC = Wake Turbulence Category
XPDR = Transponder
ZFW = Zero Fuel Weight


What’s does that even mean? Sounds hilarious but I’m sure it has deep meaning… because it’s aviation 😂


It means what it says… :P “Not east of - but including Greece”.


Would any of the runway declared distances be useful enough to include?

TORA - Takeoff Run Available
TODA - Takeoff Distance Available
ASDA - Accelerate-Stop Distance Available
LDA - Landing Distance Available


Cool! Thanks a lot! I’m gonna start using that a lot in Global ;)

its actually mainly a Maritime term rather than strictly an Aviation one, harking back to routing instructions in order to avoid going to a port or flying over certain conflict areas of the world which are situated in that corner of the Med. Not really something that would be used in Infinite Flight, however a term which will help expand the knowledge of readers to this post.

One more to add “CPA” = Closest Point of Approach , used by Radars with automatic plotting systems to tell you how close other aircraft or objects are going to get to your planned route.

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Cheers for this… someone should pin it.

Bookmarked this! Thanks for making this post! I will use this when Global releases :)

I thought it had something to do with @NEO

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Why don’t you make it a wiki to make your job easier :)

Why did you include a ICAO code for a specific airport?

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Nice, thanks for compiling this list! I wonder who from the forum can remember the whole thing?

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Pilots, of course ;)

They have to remember it, lol

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Anyone on the forum? Who’s not a pilot :)


I thought that stood for Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim :P


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