Lisbon Spotting! (Something very special at the end!)

Hello and welcome to my 5 millionth plane spotting post. Today’s is special, along with my next one!

I recently returned from my trip to Lisbon and London. Both are incredible cities, and plane spotting is amazing as well.
Below I have a number of photos I have selected from my day at Lisbon airport (December 23rd, 2023)! Heathrow is coming soon! 👀

At my local airport, SFO, we only get the Emirates A380 (not complaining haha). In my opinion the livery looks much better on the 777. Here is my first time spotting an Emirates 777!

A fairly rare airline to spot, and I have no idea why they fly to Lisbon, here is a Capital Airlines A330-200 lining up to depart to Hangzhou!

One of my favorite liveries on the 787. LATAM. It was surreal being this close up to one of these beasts. This one heading off to Sao Paulo!

Ryanair, oh Ryanair. Funny enough, Ryanair was one of the airlines I was most excited to spot. An average European spotter may think I sound crazy, because they are so common, but as an American it was a great highlight for me. This Ryanair 737 MAX 8-200 was heading off to Brussels. And South Charleroi, because of course Ryanair would fly there.

This livery looks amazing, and I didn’t even know TAP had this before I started researching spots for the airport. This gorgeous retro livery on this TAP Air Portugal A321neo landing!

You might be getting tired of A321neo’s by now, but I had to include this Azores Airlines A321neo “Inspire” in this gallery.

Another airline I don’t know much about. Euroatlantic Airways. This 777-200ER was heading off to Maputo, Mozambique! Does anyone know much about this airline?

A pretty rare sight around the world. TAAG Angola Airlines! This 777-300ER was heading off to Launda, the capitol of Angola.

Now I cant really complain because this is quite a rare airline, but I am going to complain. Cabo Verde Airlines was supposed to bring their 737 MAX this day, but it got switched to a 737-700 the day before. Go ahead and look it up, the MAX looks far better. But hey, its still Cabo Verde Airlines, you don’t see that every day.

And finally. Without a doubt the highlight of the day. This was also really unexpected. This Antonov AN-124.
Me: sees the plane flying over lisbon at 30,000 feet. “surely this thing won’t be coming in, right?”
Suddenly in less than 15 minutes, about 20 people arrive. I check the radar again. THE ANTONOV IS APPROACHING.
I start freaking out. I had no idea this thing was coming in!!!
I had happened to come on the one day this thing came in. How lucky am I!

Tell me which photo you liked best!

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Great photos! Favourite has to be the Antonov - no debate!


thank you!!!

Very amazing photos!!

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Not the antonow Airlines one, but i saw maximus air cargo antonov last month :)
(Also i just followed your insta account)


yeah you got some nice golden hour in lisbon i got fog and 0.5nm visibility


oh noooo sorry man

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this is amazing


i know, right?? i had no idea they had it!

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It’ll work out (maybe)

Nice shots tho!

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thanks man i appreaciate the support!

Nice shots!

Unfortunately though this post contains 5 too many pictures (limit is 10). Would you mind removing 5 from the post? Feel free to use them again in another post :)


oh sorry ill do that

Unfortunately not as it’s a rule of the category. However like I said you’re more than welcome to reuse the five photos you remove here in a different post.

Thanks for the understanding!

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fixed :) sorry about that

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That antonov is just beautiful

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I love Azores Airlines! I hope one day we’ll get their livery added to the simulator!

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