Lisboa Humberto - Terminal 1, Gate 141 size correction

I don’t even know if it’s the right topic for it but here it goes!

There’s something regarding LPPT that I want to “complain” since a while.
In IF, it is possible to spawn at the referred gate with A/Cs larger than B767 and that’s not real. Actually, larger aircraft than 767 don’t fit there and it is possible to see that in the simulator.

As it is important, not just for me but for the whole IFC, I’d like to request that correction

Oh, and some Airport Security privilege to make you understand better

PS: the photo was took while I was writing this lol

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The airport editing process is continuos so issues such as this will likely be corrected in the future as the progress of these airports continues.


It is just let know, as it isn’t the only gate in that airport in such situation! 🙂


Hello flybarroso,

The Boeing 767 in Infinite Flight is registered as a Class D aircraft, where spawns are ranged from A to F. In the previous editor (X-Plane WED) spawn sizes were pushed up by 1 meaning any gate set to class D would actually hold class E aircraft.

For airports including LPPT, the gates have been sized up one automatically, meaning the given example (Gate 141) is a class E start location. Fortunately this can be changed, and will be passed onwards to ensure the best user experience in the future. Thanks for the report.


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