LIRQ (Firenze) Approach RWY 23 ends in a hill

the ILS approach on RWY23 ends in a hill.
Curiously I found no Approach charts for RWY 23. [Or not ?]
Is the rwy closed from the hillside ?

It’s not an ILS, it’s a GPS approach. It doesn’t take terrain into account.

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Usually, the airport uses RWY23 for take offs and RWY05 for landings (because of Monte Morello, the hill/mountain).

Some videos show that GAs sometimes land on RWY23 though. Just search it up on youtube. ;)

Runway 05 is in use. To be realistic just approach from that direction. My chart provider doesnt have anything.

@starley got to it

@Starley Just found some, thxs.

Keep in mind that a GPS Approach does not take terrain into account and is represented by the white cone on your map.
from @Tyler_Shelton

@Bob_Robert you’ve quoted my words which is exactly what Seb said in the original comment.


I have flown into LIRQ before. Because of the mountain, commercial flights cannot land or takeoff in that direction. GA I am not sure about but I will listen to what @Starley said. I know that there have been crashes into the mountain though.

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