LIRF Rome is Filled with Detail!

Just jumped in Expert server to see some new 3Ds, and I just got my eyes glued to this airport. It’s crazily detailed! It gives me so much immersion. One of my favourites in this update!

Kudos to the contributor, @Siddhansh ! Can’t believe it that you finished this airport all by yourself. I wish every airport editor of IF can have talents like yours 🎉


Yeah it’s truly a nice airport in 3D !


Best 3D airport of this update without a doubt

Siddhansh is truly another creature.

There has been multiple occasions where there has been too much detail in his work prior to release, and LIRF was one of the works of art that was never thought possible to build in such detail out of the system’s capabilities✌

I also must say its great to see people really understand the level of detail some airports have over others. Many airports have incredible levels of detail, and it’s great to see members of the community are noticing this after the such hard work editors have put into it.


LIRF does truly look great, and as others have mentioned, Siddhansh truly deserves a lot of credit! As someome who has transfered via FCO countless times it is incredible to finally see it in 3D, and have it look so realistic!

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That’s the first foreign airports I have been!

Most of the parking buildings are just squares, but he makes the parking lot every floor 😎… awesome!


That’s very nice