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I just got back from visiting Italy, but it was time to go back home, so I opened an Air France ticket and a guy seat F2 as it is right next to the engine. I had a great time in Italy, and now it’s time to return. On my way back, we will be flying over the French Alps. Here are some images I took

We departed quickly at 6:46 AM
As I arrived at the gate of the plane, it was waiting for us

Here is my seat F2 in the seat in front of me

the view outside my window

Before long, he took off

As we reach the Porter, France, we can already see the mountains

This is what the French Alps look like

Shortly after reaching a cruising altitude of FL390, they served out snacks. I just got a soda with two bags of chips

Before I knew it we have started our dissent

And then a fabulous butter landing

This was the flight route flight time was an hour and 45 minutes

I also want to give credits to for the pictures inside it is also really good for weight and balance if you don’t know how much the airline and Aircraft hold as far as passengers it will tell you


I love the idea of adding IF and real life together

i love how you have real life pics for it

Are the IRL pics on American?

Lol of course you would know that yes they are I think but I really don’t know. It does look like it doesn’t it. Lol

Actually, yes, the first two pictures are