LIPX-EDDB With A320,321 and B738

Couple days ago I flew to Verona from Berlin. Must say that the views was just amazing as I flew over Italy mountains. Now its time to head back to Berlin! This time with 2 more friends.

LIPX (Verona) - EDDB (Berlin)
Server: Training
Departure: 13:10
Arrival: 14:45
Aircrafts: A320 Eurowings (Me) B738 Ryanair (Friend) A321 Alitalia (Friend)

Getting ready to push in LIPX.

Taxi to runway 04, as the winds on ground still calm.

Eurowings 2107 clear for take off! As B738 Ryanair holding short, behind him A321 Alitalia.

Words can’t describe.

Classic wing view

We landed at EDDB. I’m already at the gate while Ryanair behind me taxi to parking.

Bye Bye, See you next time!


Fantastic picture(s)! Great to see the beautiful Eurowings livery and Italy among the other flights. Thanks for sharing!