Lippisch Aerodyne


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  • Looks so weird that I wouldnt even look at that

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What is that!!!
That shouldn’t be infinite flight in my opinion…

Is that supposed to be a rocket or what???

It is supposed to be a VTOL aircraft. A fast one.
Not sure did it fly though.

Where is the cockpit?

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Actually I don’t know…

This is fake I think

It isn’t, Google it.

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Looks like a UAV…

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It looks like the photoshop where they photoshop the engine to where the cockpit is.


I’m sorry get rid of it, it’s hideous.

Uh, uhh, ummmm, speechless

It’s interesting…

Good question…is the gear retractable??

The gear isn’t retractable.
Guys its from 1940.

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All this needs is a mustache and boom it’s better right. Once it gets an on fleek mustache like the 757 then I’ll accept it.


So, do you fly it like… Outside of the aircraft or?..

One day in PG, we should gather together all of the community and swarm LAX and NUC with these…


I saw a picture of this and always wondered what it was, very interesting design. However, this is the last plane I’d expect in infinite flight. (Maybe not but probably.)

To quote Markiplier, a youtuber:
“What the hell is that?! Why the hell is that?!”

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