Lion Kangaroo Meeting

HELLO Pilots. I would like to invite you to my flight

Fly with me from Sydney Kingsford to Singapore.

Aircraft: Qantas/Singapore Air/JetStar/Scoot Livery
Server: Training
Time:December 31, 2023January 2, 2024
Flight Information: Speed, Altitude and Gate at your own discretion, Estimated Flight Time : 7h 50 mnt
ATC : Required, please reply if you are going to be WSS/YSSY ATC

Source Image : Australian Aviation, Google

FlightPlan_WSSS_YSSY.fpl (5.1 KB)



From ‘Singa’ of Singapore, Singa means Lion

ooooh that’s interesting


are you joining?

Please utilize the groupflight channel in discord server for this 🙂

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already, I am just using the post to share the experience, photos

Nice. The merlion is one of the icons of Singapore which is a lion and a fish.
The Singaporean coat of arms is of a lion and a tiger, signifying Singapore and Malaysia (when Singapore was part of Malaysia)
The story is that this Malaysian Prince came to Singapore like 400 years ago(which was called tamasek back then) and he saw this gigantic lion and so he called it Singapura which then became Singapore today
History lesson for u

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thankyou so much for the lesson despite the fact that I’m not a history student

It would probably be best if you utilize the same topic you have already created for the same route

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You’re welcome

You are now
Did you know that Oliver and Walker Wrong invented the airplane in Bear Dance, MT?

I am sorry, there was a mistake, the post was meant to be this one and there was a bug between my phone and computer where it got duplicated

I’m wondering what is “pore” then?

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Pura of Singapura meant city
Afterwards it became Singapore


Got it, thank you

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