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Lion Group Virtual Airlines

We Make Virtual Pilot Fly

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Who Are We?

Lion Group Virtual Airlines is an Infinite Flight Virtual Airline that has 6 airlines to operate in Infinite Flight, those are, Lion Air, Batik Air, Wings Air, Malindo Air, Thai Lion Air, and Super Air Jet.

About Us

Lion Group Virtual Airlines was founded on July 17th, 2017, and approved on December 4t,h 2019, our reason to create this VA is to see more Infinite Flight Pilots flying around Asia especially Southeast Asia, and also create a place for Virtual Pilot who like to fly with Lion Group in Infinite Flight.

Our System

We are using Discord for our main communication platform, at our Discord, all of our members can communicating with other LGVA pilots and also voice chat with other LGVA pilots. Some more information like, Event, Featured Routes, etc is also will be posted on our Discord. And we are using Airtable for our Crew Center.

Upper Management
IFC Position
@RizalSatria Chief Executive Officer - CEO
@RizaldyLepsets Head of Internal Affairs - HIA
Lower Management
IFC Position
@IFTH-KriteeY Recruiter
Vacant Route Manager - RM
Vacant Event Manager - EM

LGVA was my very first VA, I’ve spent a lot of hours at LGVA since April 2020, they have 5 mainline airlines with many amazing routes across Asia! Also, the staff here are very kind. It was a nice experience here in LGVA. If you are searching for an Indonesian VA, I’d highly recommend you to choose LGVA.

@Gritz | LGVA Pilot

LGVA is one of the best VA I ever joined. For the first time, various routes were my reason for joining this VA. They have many routes in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. They have routes by codeshare with other VA too.
Simple and easy to follow the system, quick response, and good community which surprises me. It makes me feel comfortable being one of the members of LGVA.
Well, for all the good culture, I hope LGVA became the best VA in Infinite Flight.
Flying higher LGVA…

@yadi_oni | LGVA Pilot

Lion Air Fleet
Aircraft Livery
B737-900 Lion Air
B737-800 Generic
B747-400 Generic
A330-300 Generic
Batik Air Fleet
Aircraft Livery
B737-900 Generic
B737-800 Generic
A320-200 Batik Air
A330-300 Generic
Super Air Jet Fleet
Aircraft Livery
A320-200 Generic
Wings Air Fleet
Aircraft Livery
ATR 72-500/-600 (Replaced by DH8D) Generic
Malindo Air Fleet
Aircraft Livery
B737-900 Malindo Air
B737-800 Generic
ATR 72-500/-600 (Replaced by DH8D) Generic
Thai Lion Air Fleet
Aircraft Livery
B737-900 Generic
B737-800 Generic
A330-300 Generic

Fleet Pictures

Boeing 737-900ER

Airbus A320-200

Boeing 737-800

Airbus A330-300

Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

To Replace ATR 72

In Lion Group Virtual, we operate many routes around the world! We have a total of more than 2,750 routes on our route database! And you can see our route database below.

Hub Airports

In Lion Group Virtual, we have many Hub Airports! These Hub Airports are based on real-world Lion Air, Batik Air, Super Air Jet, Wings Air, Malindo Air, and Thai Lion Air Hub Airports.

City ICAO Location
Jakarta WIII Indonesia
Jakarta WIHH Indonesia
Surabaya WARR Indonesia
Makassar WAAA Indonesia
Denpasar WADD Indonesia
Medan WIMM Indonesia
Manado WAMM Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur WMKK Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur WMSA Malaysia
Kota Kinabalu WBKK Malaysia
Penang WMKP Malaysia
Bangkok VTBD Thailand

We are very glad to be the partners of the following VAs! This will make our connection bigger!

Come join with Lion Group VA and let’s explore our amazing routes in archipelago country and some of the other countries in Southeast Asia. we always keep happiness for all of our members. “your happiness is always our priority”, we hope you are happy and enjoy when joining us.

@RizalSatria | LGVA CEO


  • Have an Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
  • Grade 3 or Above.
  • Able to file a PIREP at least once every 30 days.
  • Not on the IFVARB Watchlist or Blacklist.
  • Good standing in IFC and other IFVARB approved VA/VOs.
  • Able to access Discord.
  • Doesn’t have Violation Level 2 or above within the last 7 days.

Application Process

1 | Application Submitted

Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you via PM on IFC, it will take a maximum of 2x24 Hours. If you met our requirements, you will be able to continue to Step 2.

2 | Theory Test

All applicants will have to take their Theory Test, the minimum score to pass the test is 70/100, if they are not passed the Theory Test, they have to wait 7 days to retest.

3 | Passed Theory Test

If you passed the Theory Test, we will send you the LGVA Discord Server invitation link, then after you joined our Discord Server, you have to do 2 Training Steps, detailed in Step 4 and Step 5 below. (If you are an IFATC and/or IFAE Qualified, you will be able to jump to Step 6)

4 | Training Step 1

Fly pattern 2 circuits at WICD and after the second Touch and Go, fly outbound and land to WICM. After that, send the replay at the link that we provide then our Trainer will review it soon. If you pass, you can continue to Training Step 2 . If you do not pass, you have to retake the Training Step 1.

5 | Training Step 2

Fly from Airport A to Airport B with an airport that has
ATIS, Ground, Tower, and Departure/Approach/Center. After that, send the replay at the link that we provide then our Trainer will review it soon. If you pass, you can continue to Step 6. If you do not pass, you have to retake the Training Step 2.

6 | Last Step

If you have passed the Training Process, our Staff will assign your callsign then you can start a flight with LGVA.


Copyright © 2021 Lion Group Virtual Airlines

Lion Group Virtual Airlines is not affiliated with the real-world Lion Group. All trademarks and logos remain the property of their respective owners.
Special thanks to @Gritz and @Juiceinaglass for helping us making this thread.

Amazing thread. Glad to be one of your partners!

Founder & President
Saudia Virtual


Very Nice thread my friends… We are happy to be a part of them!


Thank you!
@SaudiaVirtual @AirAsiaVA

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Very nice thread guys… Very nice my experience since 1,5 years joined in this VA 😍😍

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Amazing thread LGVA!! Glad to be the part of this beautiful VA 😍 also… Isn’t Balikpapan / WALL on of Lion Group main Hub?

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Thank you !
@RhendyAvGeek @The-Myth

Rizal satria

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