Lion Air Virtual Group

I am happy to announce the launch of Lion Air Virtual Group.
We will be operating from our only available real hub Batam Hang Nadim, WIDD in the Singapore & Kuala Lumpur with temporary hubs following at London Gatwick, EGKK in the London Region, Sydney Kingsford, YSSY in the Sydney Region and Palm Springs, KPSP at the Southern California Region.


Our Fleet currently consists of the 737-900, 737-800 and the 737-700(for those who don’t have the 737-800 or 737-900) and A320 and 737-800 for Batik Air Virtual.

Lion Air Virtual
Batik Air Virtual

We will be accepting pilots even if they don’t have a live subscription.

Once Global Flight is released Lion Air Virtual and Batik Air Virtual will move to its new Hubs such as Soekarno Hatta International Airport, WIII Jakarta with route expansions all over Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and various countries the real Lion Air Serves.

Required Jobs
We are currently looking for a

Route Manager

Event Manager - @The_Greatest_Basket

Lion Air Virtual Group Opening Event

Support a feature request for the Lion Air Boeing 737-800NG by our pilot @SingaporeAirlines


Feel free to check it out

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Feel free to join Lion Air Virtual, we are also looking for partnerships with other VA’s of Infinite Flight

Good luck from United Virtual!

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Thanks! Hope to see you in the skies of Infinite Flight.

Good luck from Redwings!

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Thanks! My other VA CEO :)

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I’d join but I hate Slack.

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Then I can create discord

That would be awesome. Will you still use Slack?

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Yep all I have to do is ask them if they prefer slack or discord for communication at their application email

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Thanks and good luck from Venture Airlines and Great Mountain Air…:)

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Thanks! See you in the skies!

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Good Luck! PS in the future hopefully we can partner

Good luck
From Air Austral Virtual

Finally good a new website up and Running :)
New Site

We are looking for a Co-CEO, Route Manager and Event Manager :) if you feel dedicated for the job then sign up for it. :)

Can i be route manager

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Sure, hold on a second

Lion Air Virtual is now Lion Air Virtual Group, which is made up of Lion Air Virtual and Batik Air Virtual, websites are not finished and are to be updated again in the future.

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