Lion Air Virtual Group Launch Event @ WIDD - [CLOSED]

Welcome to the launch event of Lion Air Virtual Group!
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We are a virtual airline that also accepts pilots withouth an active live subscription. Join today!

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WIDD

Aircraft: 737-900 in the Lion Air livery, A320 in the Batik livery, 737-800 and 737-700 in the generic livery.

Time: 1300Z

NOTAM: We will start at our current main hub, WIDD. Then we fly towards Singapore Changi airport where we will make a transition at 2,500 - 5,000 feet depending on the ATC. After our transition we proceed to WMKK.

Flightplan: image

Cruise Altitudes: WIDD-WSSS 2,500 - 5,000 feet, WSSS-WMKK FL200.

Climb Rates and speeds:
0-4,000ft: Max. 3,000 feet/min, 240 KIAS.
4,000-10,000ft: 2,500 feet/min, 250 KIAS
10,000-13,000ft: 2,300 feet/min, 260 KIAS
13,000-16,000ft: 1,900 feet/min, 275 KIAS
16,000-20,000ft: 1,700 feet/min, 290 KIAS

Descent Rates and speeds:
FL200-16,000ft: 2,000 feet/min, 275 KIAS
16,000-14,000ft: 2,000 feet/min, 260 KIAS
14,000-10,000ft: 1,800 feet/min, 240 KIAS
10,000-6,000ft: 1,600 feet/min, 230 KIAS
6,000-3,000ft: 1,400 feet/min, 200 KIAS.
10 NM till touchdown: 190 KIAS
6 NM till touchdown: 170 KIAS
4 NM till touchdown: Final approach speed (130-145 KIAS depending on the aircraft)


I’ll give try to come:)

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The VA is actually by @Ninetales, forgot to say that. ;)
I’m just an event manager.

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OK thanx you remind me that point

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Flightplan is now posted.

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The event is today! Make sure to file a flight plan, or copy it from @Ninetales

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Sorry, I’m busy with school projects I won’t be able to come :(

Oh well, we need to find someone else!

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How can I join

Just spawn at WIDD on ts2 at 1300Z and file the flightplan and wait for others and fly!

Good flight!!
C you guys again:)

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