Lion Air Slipped at Pontianak

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Not my words:

" Lion Air JT714 aircraft from Jakarta-Pontianak route slipped at Supadio Airport on Saturday (02/16/2019).

"Based on the information obtained, the passenger plane is Lion Air JT-714 majoring in Jakarta - Pontianak, and the current conditions of the weather in the city of Pontianak and surrounding areas with moderate intensity of rain since 15:00 "

My words:
in my opinion, this year Lion air experienced 2 times that the passengers did not want and that was certainly by the pilot. Which previously was exposed to turbulence which could make the plane upside down and the engine died. Long story short, all passengers are safe and return to the airport of origin.
I hope this will be the last in this year.


Do you mean like skidded of the runway, or just the water made it swerve and move a bit on the runway?


Yeah, i feel like that

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More info from the best website around regarding incidents/accidents etc:

IMO, this is the best website for accidents & incidents. Has in depth catalogs back to 1919. Contains almost every incident that has ever happened. Lion air incident on this website:
Main website:

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True, I should have mentioned for basic info. Thanks for the add!

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