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Hey guys, I am the route manager for Lion Air VA. Today I would like to show you our new routes. We fly routes in Southern California and London. When Global comes we will change our routes to be more realistic.



We need Pilots to fly these routes, right now we only have 4 including myself. We would be very happy if you want to apply. Please PM me @PlaneCrazy and I will add you to a list that I will send out every 3 days. Thanks alot for reading.

Check out the original article:
Lion Air Virtual Group


There is no limit on how many pilots we have. Sign up now!

Any one, Any one?

i would like to join but i am from the netherlands i am searching for an KLM VA.
i like KLM:)

Thanks so much, I will send you a PM.


What about it?

KNUC is a military airport

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This hub was chosen by Ninetales.

Would you be interested in joining the airline?

Why not WIDD routes on here?

Ounce you become a pilot, you can request a route.

You can fly for Lion Air or Batik Air and choose one of the aircraft we fly, like the 737, A320, or Q400!

We are still looking for new pilots!

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