Lion Air Boeing 747-400

Lion Air 747-400

Lion Air | B747-400 | PK-LHF

Picture credit to Reska K. Nistanto

Airframe Information

Aircraft Type Boeing 747-400
Serial Number 24063
Line Number 736
Deliver July 1989 To Singapore Airlines
First Flight W Lion Air April 2009
Regristrasion PK-LHF
Age (as of February 2018) 28.7 Years
Capacity 504 Seats as C12Y492
Airframe Status Preserved Summarecon Bekasi, Jakarta, Indonesia Feb 2018, as the Steak 21 restaurant

About Lion Air


We Make People Fly

Lion Air is a subsidiary of PT. Langit Esa Oktagon (PT. LEO Group) which is part of the wider Lion Group. As a leading domestic airline and disciplined low-cost carrier, we offer flights to value-conscious customers who focus on price, frequency of flights, and an expansive route network across Indonesia.


Since our first flight in 2000, Lion Air has grown rapidly to become Indonesia’s preferred domestic airline. In 2018, we carried 36.8 million passengers – nearly 35% of all air travelers in the country – to the islands, cities and communities of the archipelago. Our business is also uniquely structured for growth as the only local carrier of air cargo between Indonesian destinations.

Our success in becoming the country’s leading low-cost carrier has been built on delivering exceptional fare value to customers, ensuring convenient flight schedules and creating a route network vital to the interests of the 260 million people in Southeast Asia’s most populous nation. IATA estimates that by 2037, Indonesia will be the fourth biggest aviation market in the world and Lion Air is proud to be playing a leading role in the country’s development.

Since 2018, we have strategically expanded our passenger services to select international markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and China. Our focus, however, has remained the same – cost-efficient operations and an absolute commitment to providing value-conscious passengers and cargo customers with the lowest cost option to all of our destinations.

Lion Air 747-400 Routes

Jakarta (CGK) - Surabaya (SUB)
Jakarta (CGK) - Palembang (PLM)
Jakarta (CGK) - Batam (BTH)
Jakarta (CGK) - Padang (PDG)
Jakarta (CGK) - Denpasar (DPS)
Jakarta (CGK) - Medan (KNO)
Jakarta (CGK) - Makassar (UPG)
Jakarta (CGK) - Jeddah (JED)
Jakarta (CGK) - Medinah (MED)
Surabaya (SUB) - Denpasar (DPS)
Surabaya (SUB) - Batam (BTH)
Surabaya (SUB) - Makassar (UPG)
Surabaya (SUB) - Jeddah (JED)
Surabaya (SUB) - Medinah (MED)
Makassar (UPG) - Jeddah (JED)
Padang (PDG) - Jeddah (JED)
Medan (KNO) - Jeddah (JED

if i had a nickel for every time i saw an aircraft get turned into a restaurant i would have 2 nickels. which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice

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