Lion Air Boeing 737-800

Lion Air Operate 39 Boeing 737-800 , and Lion Air Boeing 737-800 service so many routes around Indonesia like Jakarta to Pontianak , Jakarta to Tanjung Pinang , Jakarta to Samarinda , Yogyakarya to Samarinda , Jakarta to Malang, etc.

I hope this Livery will be added in Infinite Flight


Source of this Picture : Photo of Lion Air B738 (PK-LJW) - FlightAware
Fotografer of this Picture : @Fariz_Rizky

Very cool.


Will definitely be a popular livery with the Indonesian community of the IFC!


Yes, I think so @Captain_74gear

Yes, I agree about that

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Got my vote!
I thought it would be a great idea if that livery is exists on infinite flight. Especially on the Boeing 737-800 variant. And it will complement Lion Air’s fleet in the narrow body aircraft category. It would be great if there was a Lion Air B737-800.

And by the way
Thank you bro @vinoalviano for using my picture on this thread🙏🙂

You’re Welcome

Thanks !

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Wow it will be nice if this livery to be added in Infinite Flight😍

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Voted this livery!

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This would be awesome to fly in Indonesia. Bump.

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