Lion Air A330-300

Quite plain but I love the red

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My theory suggests you get more votes if you were to upload in the afternoon at my time.

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Lion xD :P

But, I’ll support Indonesian-carriers livery, and Lion Air livery isn’t bad tho

But their landings are bad :) And foot space too.

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A wise man once said

A safe landing I’d a good landing

When I flew lion air to KLIA when we landed the pilot had to use the rudder to line up the plane with the centerline on the runway and the flight attendant said welcome to Singapore.

I don’t see anything wrong using the rudder to line up with the center line

The flight attendant was maybe working on another flight the day before and maybe it confused her

About the foot space, It’s average for LCC standard :P (You’ll feel the same in AWQ, AXM, JSA, JST, TGW, etc)

Yeah but he turned around 15 degrees left and 15 degrees right before lining up which was terrifying.

Did the plane tilt?

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