Lion Air 747-400

It would be great if they added Lion Air’s 744 because we only have one Lion Air plane which is the 739. I also think it looks pretty good on the 744. I’m guessing that some people wouldn’t want this in IF because it is WARNING VERY CONTROVERSIAL the most unsafe airline on earth. Just set that aside and share your thoughts on the livery :P It would be best to implement this AFTER Global if they do add it.
Some info on Lion Air’s 744:
“In addition to small-bodied aircraft, Lion Air also has a Boeing 747-400 aircraft which is the first largest fleet owned by Lion Air. Brought in 2009, the aircraft which is also known as the Jumbo Jet has four engines and can fly at a speed of mach 0.85 or 909 kilometers per hour and capable of flying at a maximum distance of 13 570 km to 15,000 km. Currently Lion Air has two Boeing 747-400 aircraft, and the aircraft can carry 506 passengers.”
Source: Lion air
Routes: The only route that I know of is CGK-JED and back

Source: oysteinlundandersen

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Doesn’t this belong under #features

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Don’t forget to vote for your own feature request, this way more people can vote.

It is in features isn’t it
Edit: Nvm sorry i forgot to. Thx for moving it

And after the Md11 and DC10 and after the Crj…


Wow I didn’t know Lion Air had the 747. I hope the 747 gets more liveries… like Garuda and Ansett as well.


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