LinkJet Airways

Hey guys! Today I’m introducing LinkJet as Infinite Flight’s commercial charter service. I feel like if the IF community needed ANYTHING for it’s VA’s, it’d be a charter airline. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m open for hire, so if anyone would like to join, PM me with your skills. A website will come as soon as we open. I’ll personally be availible for charter services after 5:00 PM EST, or 11:00 PM Zulu.

More info soon!

Good luck from us!

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Do you want me to make a website for you guys?

No, thankyou though. I’m covering that right now!

Thankyou! Good luck to you too!

Do you guys need a logo?

I would also be interested in joining.

Yes please, and thankyou! I’ll add you to the staff as soon as possible.

I would like to join, I can cover all regions.

Ok, I’ll add you too!

Good luck from NetJets Virtual!


Are you going to make a logo? Livery?

I’m getting the logo made, livery will depend on logo.

Can I show u my idea for the logo?

Sure, you can!

Good luck from Big Bear VA:)

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what aircraft you planning on putting into the fleet?

All aircraft the staff have. That way, airlines can request any plane.

I’m new to the Infinite Flight era of VA’s, coming over from FSX. The VA I flew with over there would upgrade you based on your performance/ your request for a certain plane. So when you say staff, you mean company officers right? What will your pilots fly? Will they just be able to grab a plane and go? Also, how do people charter you? Another airline says “Hey, I need this done for X reason” and you fly the cargo/passengers for them?

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And id like to join too

I’m glad you asked. In this VA, staff can mean any rank. You just have to name the one you want to be. With planes, this VA works a lot like a pizza delivery service. You take a plane, fill it with the specified number of passengers, and fly the requested route. If you don’t acknowledge the fact we have a flight within 24 hours, you’ll be fired if you don’t have a good reason. This should prevent in-activity.