Linking VA ops into app

Hey, all.

More of an idea than anything, so if you think this should go in general, let me know.

Part of the fun of Infinite Flight is being part of a VA. Part of the fun in participating in a VA is building time which is done by filing a “PIREP” right? It’s a small hassle for the lazy few, and the filing process must be designed such that nobody can cheat their hours. To prevent miss-logging hours, there are few extra boxes to fill and there must be a monitoring system by the staff of that VA.

I had an idea and I’m curious of what you guys think: What if the sim itself had a way of logging your hours directly into the VARB database based on what organization you’re a part of. So in your in-game logbook, you can select what VA you want the hours to be logged into allowing a more secure, automatic, and seamless way to log hours.

It may even attract more of the average consumers to join these organizations.

I have no idea if it’s possible, or if it’s worth whatever trouble.

Hope you guys had a good weekend, cheers!

Actually, Epaga is working on exactly what you requested today, although it’s been long since we’ve heard from him 😕

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I can say that he’s alive and well and working on it when he has time.


Beauties. Mods can close this if they want :)