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Help!!! I’ve read how to link a joystick to infinite flight, but still I just can’t get it. I need help! I’m on IOS and using a windows computer. I downloaded live flight and got that to connect to my phone, just have not connect yoke to IF yet. I saw someone with my exact yoke set it up (Simulator Yoke Recommendations for IF.). So just what do I need? I have a usb cord thing. Can someone post some pictures of there setup, what the cords look like going to there device and computer. Thanks!
my setup- image
if you need more info just reply below


Someone pleaseeeee

I’ll tag @Shivamkamani since he’s the one who has that setup.

I messaged him but I’m not sure if he will get back to me. I also messaged 2 others as I was reading through the forums who had the same yoke as me.

Hey! Sorry for the late response.

Alright, I’m sure you’ve screwed on the yoke module and the throttle quadrant. And connected the ps2 cable from the throttle quadrant to the yoke module. Now The moment you connect the USB to your computer you should get a green light on the chronograph on the yoke.

I’ll go ahead and give you a brief on how I did it for Mac as I haven’t ever set it up on Windows.

  1. make sure you are on the same WiFi network on all your devices.

  2. open IF and Live flight.

  3. live flight should show you a screen where it recognises the saitek yoke.

  4. on IF go to settings, and then to controls. Once you have done this you will see random allocations to the buttons for different actions on the game.

  5. start by assigning the buttons to what you like. For example I have used the 3 buttons under the throttle quadrant as. Button 1 (starting from the left) as landing gear, button 2, as reverse thrust (as you can’t use the actual throttle slide as reverse thrust. And button 3, as push back.

  6. you might face a crash or a problem while assigning the buttons. Don’t panic, just close the app and re connect both, IF and the yoke on the network and it should work again. Keep saving your assigned buttons by pressing save.

  7. critical. You will see once you start flying that the yoke is way to laggy. You need To Try adjusting the “Toggle packet delay” option in the Advanced Settings (top bar) - changing the value might help solve this a bit, it has worked for some in the past. I think 50 miliseconds is what i use it at.

Let me know what else you need help with. I’m sure you have specific issues.

Sorry again for responding late but am happy to help.



Thank you so much!!! So one problem on step 3, live flight or IF don’t recongnize the saitek yoke. Everything is plugged though. Any suggestions?

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Check what the IF app show? Does it respond to an movements on the yoke on the settings section? Also have you enabled Joystick on infinite flight? It is the last option in the settings list on IF. I think it’s called enable life flight connect ? On the Mac it’s different. This window is completely different from what you sent me.

Yeah it’s still not working… Does the yoke have wifi or sonething that I need to connect it too? It is plugged into my computer, and it’s working fine for flight simulator x.

does your device have to be plugged in for it to recongnize it? Also will just the charger cord for a iPhone work or no?

anyone have suggestions

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