Linking Infinite Flight Social’s

Hello staff! I hope this is on topic, I read the pinned post on the category. Anyways, I was questioning if linking Infinite Flight social’s such as the Instagram or YouTube accounts in my YouTube channel’s video descriptions. If I am able to do this, please do say so.

Just need permission in case you wouldn’t approve of this.

Thanks! -Gear Down (Danny)

(Thanks to whoever changed the topic category! :))

I believe you are allowed to link any of Infinite Flight’s Social media links to your Youtube Channel.

Would be better if you will also recommend new users to play Infinite Flight! 👍

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Thanks, I most certainly will invite some more pilots to the simulator!

Hey there.

We would love this! Please just indicate that they are links to Infinite Flight channels so it’s clear.



Yep, no problem! Happy Flying!