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Hi, I’ve been playing infinite flight for many years, and want to get back into the game as I haven’t played for a while. I have linked my account through the app and repurchased the subscription, but I have lost all my history, as I was previously grade 4 and was hoping to do a few landings to get me back up to where I was. I know I used to have the account linked to Google and that’s where my old account will be. I haven’t played for a year now so I think the sign in process has changed. I’d really appreciate if anyone knows how to get my account back! Thanks

Hey there!

I would maybe contact the support team and I think they should be able to help you out.

Hi, not the best at navigating the forum, do you know how to do that? Thanks!

Yeah, I will find a link for you just give me a couple minutes of searching lol.

Thanks so much :)

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Here is the link.

So just email to them regarding your situation and you should be able to get your stats back!

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Perfect, thanks so much!!

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