Linking Images to the source

Recently i’ve seen many topics in Features Category and Real World Aviation Category having pictures that are not being credited or linking to the source. Below is an example of what I’m trying to say -

Always link it to the source where you found the image by adding in the following BBcode that will redirect to a link when clicked on the image.

Preview/Example -


Better add the link of risk yourself of having a copyrigh claim. But once you upload it to the Internet, is free for everyone to pick up.

Oh come on, no one is suing you because you uploaded a photo to a forum. It is a good courtesy cite your sources though.


That might or might not be true.

It should be emphasized that using somebody else property is simply not allowed. This has been discussed for some time now…:

I don’t think it’s necessary. A photo without a link is as good as one with a link. It’s kinda advertisement for the company/photographer.

This debate has been up since the Internet came online. I am a photographer myself, so i see it from both sides. When someone uses your picture - which you perhaps have sat outside in 10 degrees for hours and hours and hours to take, and worked with in Photoshop for 5-6 hours+++, then it isn’t fun when someone just comes and steals it without crediting you. It is by definition piracy, when you download an image to your computer without the author’s permission. If you link to it, However, the original image will still be credited to the author

But Please, credit the authors. It isn’t that much work!!!