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i’ve recently started playing infinite flight on my android. i purchased subscription from play store. but i didnt signed in to any account on infinite flight. now its asking me to sign in all the time i start the game. now whrn i try to sign in to my gmail ac. i get these message. how do i sign in. will i loose my progress when i switch ac. please help. i’m submitting screenshots.
I’ve tried redtart app, restart phone. it does’nt help. i’ve no tried reinstalling the app in fear of loosing progress. how do i link my google ac to infinite flight.
my device Samsung S8

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Have you clicked on ‘login’ marked blue?

yes…i have tried…it comes to the same thing…

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Hmm ok, I’m not a pro at these things. I’m sure someone else will help you!

Heya buddy,

I may be wrong but I’m going to give it a shot anyways, have a look at this page in regards to unlinking your Google account from IF. Once that’s done, I’d recommend then trying to sign back in and seeing if it works.
The link provided in this article will show you every app that you have authenticated through Google, and Infinite Flight should show on that list. Unlink it completely from there. Afterwards, it’s best to restart your device and reset the app in settings- apps- infinite flight- clear cache
Good luck!

Hello @Nitesh9831

The reason this is happening, is because you have somewhere along the road created an account in Infinite Flight with the sign in option you wish to use. It looks like you’ve never used this account though, so if you wish to link this Google account to the Infinite Flight account you are currently using, i can help you with that.

The Google account i found ends with ******** - is that the one you wish to use?


@schyllberg yes that is my gmail Ac i wan to link with my this AC on my phone heres a quick synopsis of my id.

Thank you!

Restart the app and sign in with the Google account and it should all be good now :)
Feel free to drop me a PM if you should encounter any additional issues.

Best regards.