Linking Discord to IF

Device: Ipad 7th Gen
Operating system: IOS

For some reason I am unable to see any of the discord chats even though I’ve currenty got IF Pro, can anyone help?

I was able to use the IF discord for a while after my pro ended, but immediately when I renewed my pro I was unable to access any of the chats and discord says I dont have pro…

Try leaving the discord server and then rejoining via the link in-app. That should fix it.

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Thanks, I’ll try this!

In the Discord rules channel it also states the following

Please note if you purchase Pro after joining the server you must allow up to 24 hours to be given full access to the server. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact support!

Even if you had pro before there is a chance that this is what has happened.

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This is the error message I get when trying to connect via the in-app link. Im not connected on any other IF Pro acc’s other than this current one…

I’m not too sure exactly which problem it is, but the best way to get this resolved is to email with the details, schyllberg will help you. I read some other topics (using this topic as main reference: Discord sever acess), and it’s probably some technical issue with an old account, which he can delete.

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Yeah it was some kinda technical issue, got it resolved by leaving the IF Discord and rejoining via a link through discord

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