Link to IFC/PM/Controller List For Ghostings In Logbook

New Feature For Ghostings In Logbook


Currently, when you are ghosted, there is only text regarding the display name as well as the reason for the ghost. There’s so much empty space, so many possbilities for that empty space, which is why I present this idea.

My Solution:

What I am requesting is for there to be a link incorporated on the strip for the pilot for one of the following items:

  1. A link to the controller’s profile on the forum - via an IF account link to the IFC
  2. A PM to be started with @appeals - this is for TL0 and TL1 users
  3. A link to the controller list on FPLtoIF (suggested by @Maxmustang)

This would not only help out the pilot in question, but us as a community. We could see the amount of ghosting topics here on the forum decrease, and pilots that are ghosted can receive quality assistance faster.

Example Photo of the Updated Strip with hyperlink:

similar idea as compared to this thread


Not a bad idea! Would definitely help the pilots our, as well as reduce the daily “I want to know why I was reported/ghosted” posts. Now all we need to do is have people know where to find the logbook

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Actially a really smart Idea TB

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I wouldn’t be surprised to see the moderators support this! Would be a huge help to them


Hard one for me to close as I’d love to see this idea implemented, but it’s best if the votes stay in one topic.