Link new doscord account to IF

Does anyone know how i can unlink my discord from IF and link a new account?

The reason being is that i lost access to my old one, and had to create a new one from scratch - and it wont allow me to do it through the app

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Have you tried the following steps?

  • Leave the Infinite Flight Discord server.

  • Ensure you are signed into your new Discord account.

  • Re-join the Infinite Flight Discord server via the link in-app.

Let us know if the above works.

Take care!

The thing is thati no longer have access to my discord account, since it has been deleted

Tap your Discord name in the app (Infinite Flight) and disconnect :)
(Settings → Account)

At the moment nothing happens when i tap the ne. Could it be that i need pro subscription to unlink it?

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